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Apartment and Rental Cleanout Services near Me

If you are planning on welcoming a new renter into your building, you need to ensure that it’s cleared out and ready to go. Any furniture from previous tenants needs to be completely removed from your complex and properly disposed of by a team of professionals.

Main Line Junk is proud to offer affordable apartment cleanout services near Ardmore, Havertown, and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Read on to learn more about our services and experienced team!

Apartment Cleanout Services By a Local Junk Removal Company

At Main Line Junk, we’re proud to serve the greater Philadelphia area with our many junk removal services, including expert apartment cleanouts. If your previous tenant has left things behind—whether it’s a few pieces of furniture or it’s full of junk—our team can clear the rental and properly dispose of the items.

Some of the items we take include:

  1. Mattresses & Beds
  2. Couches & Sofas
  3. Electronics & TVs
  4. Washers & Dryers
  5. Refrigerators, Stovetops, & Ovens

Our pricing is determined by load size, rather than individual items. This allows us to remove more from the apartment. We also offer preferred rates for our property manager/landlord partners!

Our Apartment Cleanout Process

What do our apartment cleanout services look like? We have the cleanout process clearly laid out, so we can be in and out in little time. On the day of service, you can expect us to:

Assess the Property

First, show us the property we’ll be cleaning out, so we can make a cleanout plan.

Gather & Load Items

Let us know which items we should take, and we’ll get to work. The benefit of hiring our crew means we handle the dirty work and restore your rental to a clean slate.


workers removing furniture from property

Once we have everything gathered and loaded onto the truck, we’ll do a final sweep to make sure any debris is cleared out. Then, you can start renting this space to the next tenant!

Our team is highly trained to properly carry and load items in the apartment. We're also always in uniform. We work quickly and efficiently to get these items removed and the apartment cleared out.

How Can I Book Apartment Cleanout Services?

If you’re ready to book an apartment cleanout service with Main Line Junk, you can get started here on our website. We work hard to make the booking process simple and straightforward, so you can get the services you need when you need them.

Contact us or use our online scheduler to find a time and date that work for you. We offer some same-day and next-day appointments to be as flexible as possible with your schedule.

Contact Main Line Junk to Book Apartment Cleanout Services

It’s a lot easier to navigate apartment cleanouts with the help of our team at Main Line Junk. We offer apartment cleanout services near Ardmore, Havertown, and King of Prussia, PA, to help you prepare for the next tenant.

To book your service, call our team today!

Patrick McNichol
We, at Main Line Junk and Suburban Solutions Moving, know the property management world inside out. We understand the pressing need for swift and efficient property turnovers, and we’re here to make it happen. Our dedicated team specializes in precise and efficient property cleanouts and junk removal, helping you minimize downtime between tenants. Our tailored solutions are designed with your property management needs in mind, prioritizing timeliness and cost-effectiveness.
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