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Welcome to Main Line Junk, your trusted partner for comprehensive and affordable apartment cleanouts in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, including Ardmore, Havertown, and King of Prussia. Whether you're a property manager preparing for new tenants or a landlord in need of reliable cleanout services, our experienced team is dedicated to making the process seamless. Explore our competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, and special rates for property managers and landlords.

A Hassle-Free Solution for Apartment Cleanout Services

Main Line Junk takes pride in offering the best apartment clean out services in Philadelphia, specializing in the removal and responsible disposal of all non-hazardous items. Cleaning out the apartment is made easy with our team, as we handle all the heavy lifting, ensuring the space is emptied without causing any damage to the home.

Clients turn to Main Line Junk for top-notch apartment cleanout services in Philadelphia, driven by various needs such as remodeling units, dealing with water damage, severe pest issues, cleaning apartments after tenants leave, or welcoming a new tenant into the complex. Whether you require the removal of one or two large items or a comprehensive cleanout to create a pristine space, our team is well-equipped for the job.

We understand the diverse reasons behind the necessity for apartment clean outs, and our services are tailored to address these concerns effectively. Collaborating with remediation companies and specialists, we ensure a seamless process during apartment cleanouts. Our dedicated team works tirelessly, hauling away junk from the apartment to facilitate necessary repairs, remediation, or optimization of the space.

What Do Philadelphia Apartment Cleanouts Cover?

At Main Line Junk, we recognize the importance of presenting a clean and inviting space for new tenants with junk removal cleanouts. Our clean out apartment service covers a variety of items commonly left behind due to them being broken, damages, or unwanted, including:
  • Mattresses & beds
  • Couches & sofas
  • Electronics & TVs
  • Washers & dryers
  • Refrigerators, stovetops, & ovens
  • Apartment furniture removal
  • Boxes and storage containers
  • Junk removal management
  • Trash removal from apartment
We don’t take everything, but we do love taking a lot of what people think is “junk!” If you’ve got a trashed apartment, find out what we can take here. 

How Much Do Apartment Cleanouts Cost in Philadelphia?

Whether you’re a resident or a commercial client, we know the importance of being budget friendly and affordable. Our transparent pricing, based on load size, allows for the efficient removal of items from the apartment. You only get charged for how much space your items take up in our truck. If you have a junk cleanout that needs to be bagged up to remove, we may charge an hourly rate for this.

Property managers and landlords can benefit from our preferred rates, ensuring a cost-effective solution for preparing the rental property. While we’d love to give you a quote here, we need a bit more information about the upcoming apartment cleanout! Give us a call with a few more details, and we’ll be able to give you a free estimate.

Our Streamlined Philadelphia Apartment Cleanout Process

We know that you have a lot going on, so you need us to be in and out quickly. Our proven apartment cleanout process is designed for speed, efficiency, and minimal disruption. We have the entire process laid out from start to finish. Here’s what you can expect:

Property Assessment

Show us the apartment, and we'll conduct a thorough assessment to tailor a cleanout plan to your specific needs. It’s during our assessment that we will make a cleanout plan so that we’re working as efficiently as possible.

Gathering & Loading Items

Specify the items to be removed, and our uniformed team will handle the heavy lifting and loading. When we remove them, we’ll be sure that we leave the apartment clean after we take everything with us.


After loading items onto the truck, we perform a final sweep to leave the apartment debris-free and ready for the next tenant. Our property clean out services are as easy as that! Our highly-trained team works diligently to expedite the cleanout process, ensuring a pristine and welcoming space for the next occupant.

Booking Your Apartment Cleanout Services

If you’re ready for a property clean out, Main Line Junk is here. Booking our apartment cleanout services is straightforward:
  • Contact us: Reach out to our team by calling (610) 757-5272 or filling out the form on our website to discuss your requirements.
  • Schedule a date: Choose from our same-day and next-day appointment options to accommodate your preferred timeline.
By choosing Main Line Junk for your apartment cleanout, you not only simplify the process but also ensure a thorough and efficient transition between tenants.

Trust Main Line Junk for Your Apartment Cleanout Needs

Navigating apartment cleanouts becomes stress-free with Main Line Junk. Our services extend to Philadelphia, Ardmore, Havertown, King of Prussia, and nearby areas, guaranteeing your rental property is primed for its next occupant. Our positive reviews speak for themselves.

To schedule your apartment cleanout service, contact our team today at 610-757-5272 or conveniently fill out the form on our website. Make the transition between tenants seamless and stress free with Main Line Junk's professional apartment cleanout services.


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