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Main Line Junk is your trusted service for cleanouts in Philadelphia, serving the entire Philadelphia area. From general cleanouts to specialized attic cleanouts and attic junk removal, our team can handle it all. Seniors can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on our services. Get in touch with our attic clean out service today!

Easy, Affordable Philadelphia Attic Cleanup Service

Clients seek attic cleanouts in Philadelphia for various reasons, including the need to replace installation, address repairs, deal with water damage or pest issues, prepare for a home sale or move, or optimize attic space for effective storage. Whether you require the removal of one or two large items or a full attic clean up to create a clean, empty space, our team is equipped for the job. We collaborate with remediation companies and specialists to ensure a seamless process, hauling away junk from the attic to facilitate repairs, remediation, or insulation removal and installation.

Our team provides the best attic clean up services and can remove and haul away all non-hazardous items. We will make cleaning out the attic easy and take care of all of the heavy lifting, ensuring the attic is emptied without causing damage to your home. We will also take care to dispose of belongings safely and responsibly, including donating items in good condition and recycling materials to minimize waste in landfills.

During an attic cleanout, Main Line Junk can remove various items, such as old household items, extra boxes, and other debris. Trust our team to transform your attic into a clean and functional area while prioritizing environmentally friendly disposal practices. 

We Can Haul Away Almost Any Type of Junk In the Attic

Main Line Junk is your go-to attic clean up service, and we are ready to take nearly anything from your attic as long as it is not hazardous or dangerous. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept biohazard materials, asbestos, or other hazardous substances. It is also important to note that homes built before 1990 may have vermiculite insulation, likely containing asbestos, which shouldn’t be disturbed. 

These are a few of the items that our attic cleaning service can take care of:
  • Furniture
  • Old toys
  • Boxes of clothing
  • Fitness equipment
  • Most insulation 
  • Holiday decorations
  • Boxes of memorabilia
  • Books and magazines
  • Tools and gardening supplies
  • Craft and hobby items
  • Camping gear
  • Extra bedding
  • Old electronics and appliances
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How to Get Started With An Attic Cleanout

We know that you have a lot going on, so you need us to be in and out quickly. Our proven apartment cleanout process is designed for speed, efficiency, and minimal disruption. We have the entire process laid out from start to finish. Here’s what you can expect:

#1. Schedule

The first step is to schedule an attic clean out. Call our attic cleaners or request a free estimate online. Our team will schedule a convenient time to arrive at your home. We offer same and next day attic cleaning services.

#2. On-Site Quote

Once our professional attic cleaning team arrives at your home, we will assess your property and provide you with an all-inclusive, upfront price for attic cleanup.

#3. Removal

Our attic cleaning company will then get to work removing anything out of your space that you want to be donated or recycled. We will also take care of attic insulation cleanout if needed.

#4. Cleanup

Before we head out, our team will clean up any debris or junk, leaving you with a clean attic space.

Attic Cleanout Cost In Philadelphia

How much does attic cleaning cost? The cost of attic clean out services with Main Line Junk is influenced by many different factors, including the size of the attic, the quantity and type of belongings being removed, and any additional services that are required or requested. We prioritize transparency, and will provide you with an upfront, all-inclusive quote after an on-site assessment. 

Our pricing model for attic cleaning in Philadelphia is typically based on volume, so you will only be charged for how much space your items take up in the truck. Some tasks, such as bagging up loose items, may come with an hourly labor charge. No matter what, we are here to provide you with affordable, transparent pricing.

Seniors can benefit from an extra 10% discount on our attic cleaning and insulation services. To get a better idea of the pricing for your specific attic cleaning cost, give us a call for a free estimate. Main Line Junk is committed to providing customers with a firm quote with no hidden fees, so you will never be surprised by your attic cleaning services cost. Contact us today to discuss your attic clean out cost and receive a free quote.

Request a Free Estimate for Attic Cleanout Services In Philadelphia

Are you ready to reclaim your attic space? Call Main Line Junk for the best attic junk removal services in Philadelphia. Get started with a free estimate from the best attic cleanup services around. Book online or give us a call today at 610-757-5272.


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