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If you own a store, restaurant, apartment complex, or any other commercial property that has a dumpster, then you will likely encounter trash overflow. If you have a problem with your trash overflowing, then Main Line Junk can help! We offer dumpster overflow cleanup in Philadelphia for your restaurant, store, or apartment dumpster. Main Line Junk offers preferred pricing for property managers and other contract or recurring work.

How We Help With Overflowing Trash

An overfilled dumpster is an incredibly common problem that many commercial property owners deal with. Sometimes, this overflow garbage is simply from tenants dumping trash in an apartment dumpster. Even if the apartment dumpster rules are followed correctly, garbage overflow can still happen.

On the other hand, an overflowing dumpster can also happen when the dumpster rules for tenants are ignored. Oftentimes, residents will leave oversized items outside or on top of an apartment complex dumpster, such as mattresses, broken TVs, and large furniture. This is usually a problem when tenants move out and do not take the time to properly dispose of their unwanted belongings. 

The garbage overflowing can also be due to unauthorized people using your open top dumpster. All of these issues mean that your dumpster is overflowing and exceeding capacity sooner than expected or before the trash collection company is scheduled to pick it up. 

Although a dumpster full of trash in Philadelphia may seem harmless at first, it can cause many major problems. Overflowing garbage can result in code violations, which can ultimately be a liability for your business. The garbage and debris can also attract pests, which can be especially harmful to restaurants. 
Additionally, an apartment dumpster overflowing can be dangerous to tenants if sharp objects or glass fall on the ground around the dumpster. It is also unsightly, which can cause potential tenants to look elsewhere for their new home. 

If your property has a garbage overflow problem, then Main Line Junk’s dumpster overflow cleanup service is ready to help. Our Philadelphia dumpster overflow clean up service will quickly clean out your open top or roll off dumpster and allow you to focus on running your business.

We offer dumpster overflow cleanup services throughout Philadelphia for:
  • Apartment buildings
  • Condo developments
  • HOAs
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Colleges and universities
  • Shopping centers and retail businesses
  • And more
Main Line Junk offers other solutions to manage overflowing garbage and junk removal for apartment buildings, condos, and HOAs, including trash valet service and dumpster rentals. 

We Can Pick Up Nearly Anything!

The team at Main Line Junk can take all types of garbage overflow and dumped items as long as they aren’t hazardous. We are happy to take junk and overflowing garbage such as furniture, mattresses, and TVs.

Learn more about what we take!

Solving a Recurring Overflowing Dumpster Problem

Unfortunately, an overflowing dumpster in the Philadelphia area is a problem that is all too familiar for shopping centers, schools, HOAs, and apartments. The good news, however, is that there are many solutions to combat this issue.

Tenants Failing To Follow Dumpster Rules

Trash overflow often happens when the garbage rules for tenants are ignored. These are a few tips to keep your apartment dumpster organized.
  • Send a written letter or an email reminding your tenants of the apartment dumpster rules.
  • Introduce trash violation fees and penalties and send your tenants a trash violation notice if rules are ignored.
  • Illegal dumping and violations of municipal and Pennsylvania law on trash disposal and recycling can be counted as a lease violation. Reminding tenants of this can reduce violations.
  • Install dumpster cameras so you can see who is violating the apartment dumpster rules.
  • Large furniture and mattresses are often left at the dumpster when tenants move out. Before they move out, send them a notice with a reminder about the dumpster rules and ways that they can safely get rid of their junk.

Unauthorized Use Of Your Dumpster

Unauthorized use happens when people who do not live in the complex use the dumpster, causing your trash to overflow quickly. This is how to stop illegal dumpster use.
  • Hang up dumpster warning signs telling people that unauthorized use can be prosecuted or fined.
  • Consider whether a dumpster lock is appropriate for your facility. Installing a dumpster lock bar can keep your dumpster protected from unauthorized use.

Too Many Residents For The Dumpster Size Or Frequency Of Collections

If you are adding more residents to your property, then you may not be able to keep up with the amount of trash they are producing. Consider taking these steps to combat this problem.
  • Add extra pickups or another dumpster to the property. This may be the most cost-effective solution.
  • Consider requesting overflow dumpsters when you know there will be higher-than-average demand, such as around the holidays or when multiple tenants are moving out.

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Main Line Junk offers the best dumpster overflow clean up services in Philadelphia. If you have a trash overflow problem, then give our team a call today at (610) 757-5272 or book dumpster cleanup online for a free estimate. We offer preferred pricing to property managers, HOAs, and other recurring or contract work.


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