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Main Line Junk handles all types of cleanouts, including estate cleanouts. Estate cleanouts in Philadelphia often take much longer than many families and estate representatives anticipate. There is a lot of time, hard work, and effort that goes into a successful estate cleanup. This is where Main Line Junk’s Philadelphia estate cleanout service comes in. Our team works with estate executors and administrators, family members, and probate lawyers throughout the Philadelphia area. 

Philadelphia Estate Cleanout Services

Philadelphia estate clean outs are typically completed by companies that clean out homes after someone dies. When a loved one passes on, the last thing on your mind is clearing out their home. Estate cleanout services can give you the time you need to grieve and take care of your mental health while your loved one’s estate is carefully and efficiently cleaned up. Estate cleanout companies will haul away as little or as much as you would like. The professional team at Main Line Junk can handle anything from large item and furniture removal to dumpster rentals and house cleanouts.

The estate cleanout process is quick, respectful, and efficient. When you are ready, you can give our estate cleaning service a call for a no-obligation estimate based on what needs to be removed. Our team is expertly trained to clean out a house after death. We will handle all of the necessary junk removal and hauling without disturbing other items in the home. Just let us know what you want removed, and our Philadelphia estate cleaners will take it from there. Depending on your specific needs, we can also provide dumpster rental and other estate clean out services.

When it comes to our estate cleaning services in the Philadelphia area, there are many different projects that our crew can tackle. All of our services are completely customizable, and we are happy to work with you to meet your specific wants and needs. These are the estate clean out services that Main Line Junk is proud to offer you.

House Cleanouts

With our Philadelphia whole house cleanout services, you can rest assured that everything that you no longer want will be efficiently removed from the home. Our estate clean out company will meet you at the home, where you can point out everything you want removed. Our team will then promptly haul away the unwanted items and make sure they are either recycled or taken to the landfill.

Junk Removal

Junk removal is one of our most popular estate clean out services. Our expert team of junk haulers will safely remove any old junk, trash, unwanted items, large items, and broken items that your family no longer wants.

Furniture Removal

Hauling away furniture on your own can be difficult and even dangerous at times. Give our Philadelphia estate junk removal service a call for help removing couches, chairs, tables, mattresses, and any other unwanted furniture.

Furniture Donation

If the furniture is in good condition, but you aren’t interested in keeping it, then our estate disposal services will ensure that the pieces find a new, loving home. We partner with local charities to ensure that every piece of furniture is put to good use.

Appliance Removal

Most Philadelphia property clean outs involve appliance removal. Our estate clean out service will haul away broken or unwanted appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, and microwaves.

Look no further, Main Line Junk can help coordinate your estate sale.  We will also donate any leftover items before considering them junk.  Ask us today about our estate & probate attorney partners!

Yard Waste Removal

Estate clean out companies don’t only work inside of the home. We can also clean up rubbish or junk from the yard and remove yard waste such as branches, grass trimmings, and gravel. Don’t worry about cleaning up the landscaping, our cleanout services will take care of everything for you.

Estate Sale Clean Outs

Contact our estate sale clean out service for assistance removing whatever is left over after an estate sale. Whether it’s only a few items or rooms full of belongings, our crew will haul everything away.

Light Demolition

Our Philadelphia area estate cleanout company can complete light demolition projects such as tearing down and removing features such as cabinets, flooring, and old sheds. This service is useful when preparing a home for sale.

Construction Debris Removal

Removing construction waste on your own can be very time-consuming and expensive. Hire our estate removal services to help with tasks such as hauling away debris and materials like concrete and scrap wood that are left over after a home renovation or repair.

Dumpster Rental

If you prefer to go through everything on your own, then our house clean out service can also provide you with dumpster rental. This allows you to sort through all of your loved one’s belongings on your own time. Main Line Junk will just pick up the dumpster when it’s full.

Handling an Estate Cleanout: Tips & Steps to Take

An estate clean out can seem daunting at first, but with the right information, it can be a quick and uncomplicated process. There are a few legal considerations to think about before starting an estate clean up. Most estates need to go through probate, which is a court-supervised process that makes sure creditors are paid and assets are distributed according to the will. If there is no will, then the distribution is left up to the probate court. The personal representatives (administrators and executors) are in charge of gathering the assets, paying debts and taxes, and transferring assets to beneficiaries.

Throughout this process, the personal representative may need to liquidate items (or the entire home), depending on the will or outstanding debts that the decedent has. They may also need to safeguard the home and its belongings until they are able to be transferred. This process can be complicated as there are many rules in place regarding what can be done and when it can be done.

Main Line Junk cannot provide legal advice, but the following steps are general guidelines that you can follow to simplify the estate cleanout process.

Locate and Safeguard Important Documents

The first step you should take before getting in touch with estate cleanout services is to file away important documents. You will want to save anything related to finances and probate as well as anything that could be necessary for taxes. The following are a few examples of documents you may want to hold onto.

  • Birth & death certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Income tax returns from the past three years
  • Gift tax returns
  • Estate tax returns for a predeceased spouse
  • Bank account, retirement, credit card, and medical statements for the year of death
  • Utility bills
  • Retirement plan and insurance documents

If you are in doubt about saving a certain document, then it’s always better to keep it and send it to your estate administration attorney.

Consult With a Probate Attorney Before Selling, Disposing, or Distributing Anything

If probate is still open, then you will want to work with a probate attorney before disposing of anything, especially the home. This personal representative will help you navigate the probate process, prevent conflict in the family, and make sure everything is done according to the law and in the correct order.

How to Handle Belongings in an Estate

There are many steps you need to take when handling belongings in an estate. Firstly, you will want to create an inventory of estate items and make note of the items that will go to the beneficiaries and items that need to be appraised. Valuables in the home should be stored in a safe place, especially if people will be coming in and out of the home or if the home will be unoccupied for long periods and is more at risk for burglary.

It is also important to know that if the decedent rented their home, then an executor may need to move all property out of the home before the lease ends. Funds from the estate can be used to transport all of the belongings to storage.

These steps can be difficult to complete on your own, so you will want to hire the proper professionals to help, such as:

  • Estate liquidators: This is an individual or company that will buy all of the contents of the estate at value.
  • Estate sale companies/Estate sale managers: Estate sale companies will organize an estate sale inside of the home that typically lasts a few days. They will handle the prices, marketing, and the selling of the belongings and will typically take 40-50% of the proceeds.
  • Appraisers: An appraiser will identify the value of items in the home.

Philadelphia estate clean out services are also one of the most valuable partners when it comes to handling belongings. Main Line Junk can take a phased approach and assist you at many stages throughout the process.

  • Estate sale clean out: We will clean out what is left after an estate sale.
  • Dumpster rental: This is helpful during the initial cleaning to remove perishables, trash, yard waste, and more.
  • Junk removal: Companies that clean out homes after someone dies can help with removing items the family doesn’t want to keep or debris from repairs.
  • Furniture donation: Our team will pick up furniture donations for local charities.
  • Estate cleanout: We will clean out the home after the belongings that will be kept have been removed or dispersed.

Main Line Junk can also assist with transporting your items to storage or to a new home. Our moving company, Suburban Solutions, offers local and long distance moving options.

Executors May Need to Maintain the Home During Probate

As mentioned before, executors are often responsible for maintaining the decedent’s home until it is transferred to beneficiaries. This can be funded by using money from the estate. Maintaining the home includes:

  • Ensuring there is adequate insurance coverage (this should be the first step taken as it is very important to the entire process).
  • Making sure the HVAC system is working to avoid damage from burst pipes.
  • Repairing issues such as a leaking roof, broken window, or leaking pipes.
  • Take care of landscaping, such as lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, and snow and ice removal.
  • Keep up with mortgage and property tax payments.
  • Throw away any perishables in the home.

A Probate Real Estate Expert Can Help With Selling a Home in Probate

It is recommended that estate representatives and/or families work with a real estate professional who is experienced with probate sales. These professionals have the legal expertise to ensure that the process is done correctly and can also recommend any repairs or improvements that should be made before the home goes on the market.

Personal Representatives Have a Fiduciary Duty

The personal representative has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the estate and its beneficiaries. They can even face legal liability for failing in this duty by acting in their own interests, allowing assets to decay or lose value, failing to reasonably value assets, or failing to properly distribute assets. This is why it is important to work with experts who have the legal expertise surrounding estates.

We Can Take Nearly Anything

As long as it isn’t hazardous, Main Line Junk can take almost anything. We offer full service house clean out services as well as dumpster rental as a DIY solution.

Learn more about what we take during estate cleanouts.

We Can Work With Contractors & Other Specialists

In addition to our own Philadelphia estate clean out services, our team can work with other specialists to help you safeguard belongings, make repairs to the home, prepare a home for sale, or sort belongings for disposal, storage, or donation. We can work with contractors to make repairs as well as coordinate with estate sale companies and charities.

Compassionate Bereavement Cleanout Services

We know that estate cleanouts can be emotional and difficult to handle. An estate house clean out is hard enough without considering the emotional challenges that come with clearing out the home of a family member. Main Line Junk understands this, and we provide compassionate, patient assistance for grieving families. We want to support you however we can during this difficult time.

How Much Does an Estate Cleanout Cost in Philadelphia?

How much does a Philadelphia estate cleanout cost? The final estate cleanout cost will depend on different factors such as the type and size of the home, the amount of belongings you need to be hauled away, and the different services you request. If you are searching for a more affordable DIY solution, then you can take advantage of our dumpster rental service.

Whenever you are ready to take the next step, you can give Main Line Junk a call at 610-757-5272 for a firm quote with no hidden fees.


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