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Main Line Junk performs all types of cleanouts, including hoarding cleanouts. We offer hoarding cleanup in Philadelphia and surrounding areas for hoarders, family members, landlords, and banks. Hoarding is a complex situation, and it is important to be careful and compassionate throughout the entire process. Whether you are the loved one of a hoarder, a landlord with a tenant who is a hoarder, or a hoarder yourself, we are here to provide you with the best hoarder clean up services and useful hoarding support resources. We also offer preferred pricing on contract and recurring work as well as a 10% discount for seniors.

Philadelphia Hoarding Clean Up Services

There are many reasons why you may need a Philadelphia hoarder clean up. If you are a family member or friend of a hoarder, it can be overwhelming and emotional to try and take care of a hoarding situation on your own. Our hoarding cleaning services will take some of this stress off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on your relationship with your loved one. We are also able to assist you if you have inherited a home from a hoarder and need to clear the property out. Additionally, we provide services to landlords, property managers, and banks that need to clear out junk and trash left by a hoarder. 

Main Line Junk also specializes in hoarding services for seniors. With our hoarder house cleaning service, we work to make senior’s homes safe and allow them to remain in their homes. We can even help them to sort and save belongings if they need to downsize or enter into an assisted living or nursing facility. Regardless of why you need hoarding clean out services, we will do everything we can to restore a dangerously cluttered property into a livable home.

What is involved in hoarding cleaning? Generally, hoarding clean outs involve the removal of a large volume of items, not just one or two appliances or pieces of furniture. This often means cleaning absolutely everything out of a property. However, we can also remove just a few specific items if requested. 

Items that are often removed during a cleanout include furniture, trash, clothing, books, or any other unwanted household items. We will do our best to haul away anything you would like, but we cannot take any hazardous materials. Feel free to check out our What We Take page to learn more about what our hoarding cleaning services will take.

The Challenges Of Hoarder Cleanup In Philadelphia

These are just a few challenges you may run into when cleaning out a hoarder’s house.

Hoarder Cleaning Is Best Done With A Full Support Team And The Hoarder’s Consent

Because a professional hoarding cleanup can be frightening, painful, and overwhelming for a hoarder, it is best to keep them in the know and to have a full team to tackle the job. The crew at Main Line Junk is happy to work alongside other professionals who can assist with aspects such as emotional support, sorting, counseling, and biohazard cleaning. This allows the hoarder to feel the support and empathy they need during the process.

Sometimes, an emergency cleanout is needed due to dangerous living conditions and health and safety hazards. In this case, Main Line Junk can still help with planning to minimize stress and anxiety as much as possible.

Extreme Hoarding Situations Can Cause Health And Safety Hazards

If the hoarder’s behavior is severe enough, then there may be hazards such as:
  • Disconnected utility service
  • Fall hazards
  • Inaccessible rooms
  • Unusable kitchen and/or bathrooms
  • Structural damage and/or unsafe floors or stairs
  • Strong odors
  • Mold and mildew
  • Rotten food
  • Human and animal waste
  • Infestations of fleas, lice, rodents, and/or cockroaches
  • Deceased animals
In the case of these hazards, it may be necessary for a biohazard crew to handle certain aspects of the hoarder cleaning process.

Unwelcome Cleanouts Can Do More Harm Than Good And Do Not Address The Underlying Cause Of The Disorder

It is important to remember that hoarding disorder is a very complex mental health issue, and although a cleanout can be useful in the short term, it may not work in the long term. Without the proper mental health support, a person may just begin hoarding again. Alternatively, the hoarder may become angry at their friends and family if the cleanout is not handled with extreme care.

Because of this, it is important to carefully plan out a hoarders clean out. Cleaning services for hoarders can be very useful, but it is also important to give the hoarder the patience, empathy, and support they need to care for their mental health. 

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Out A Hoarder House In Philadelphia?

How much does hoarder junk removal cost? In general, the final cost is based on volume, but there may be an hourly labor rate for bagging debris and smaller items. Also, some items have a modest surcharge, such as appliances containing Freon, tires, TVs, and undried latex paint.

If you are looking to complete a slower, more deliberate hoarding clean out, then we also offer dumpster rentals. We will bring the dumpster to the property, and then pick it up again when it is full. We can also empty it and bring it back to the property if you wish to continue using it.

Main Line Junk will always be compassionate, patient, and empathetic toward hoarding situations. Feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss how we can help with the hoarder cleanup process. We are always happy to provide you with a free estimate, and we offer a 10% discount for seniors and preferred pricing for property managers and recurring or contract work.

Get A Free Quote On Hoarder Cleanouts From Main Line Junk

Cleaning up after a hoarder can feel overwhelming and challenging, but the team at Main Line Junk is here to give you the support you need. With our hoarder cleanout services in Philadelphia, you can rest assured that your cleanout will be handled in a careful and professional manner. To learn more about hoarders clean out and to get a free quote, call Main Line Junk today at 610-757-5272.

Hoarding Cleanup Resources & Hoarding Support

Hoarding is a complex mental disorder, and if you or a loved one need support, then there are many helpful resources for you to utilize. 
  • Clutterers Anonymous (CA): This is a great resource for helping a hoarder before a cleanout. CA helps hoarders recognize that they have a problem before trying to tackle it.
  • International OCD Foundation Hoarding Center: This resource provides resources to hoarding as well as other disorders stemming from OCD.
  • IOCDF Hoarding Task Force: This is a branch of the above organization and provides hoarder house cleaning, hoarding task forces, hoarder helpers, support groups, and other resources.
  • Institute for Challenging Disorganization®: This organization provides help and resources to those who are affected by chronic disorganization.
  • Children of Hoarders: This is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness of the challenges that are faced by children of hoarders.


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