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Main Line Junk is your go-to solution for all types of cleanouts, including house cleanouts, in the Philadelphia area. Main Line Junk provides home cleanouts in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, offering convenient solutions to clear out space and remove unwanted items quickly and efficiently. If you are ready to reclaim your space, then get in touch with our junk clean out company today. We are proud to offer a 10% discount for seniors as well as preferred pricing for landlords, property managers, and other contract or recurring work.

Philadelphia House Clean Out Services

When it comes to cleanout services, Main Line Junk offers the best solutions to address the need for the decluttering and removal of unwanted items in a home. One common reason for a whole house cleanout in Philadelphia is for clients who have inherited a home. In these cases, navigating through the belongings of a loved one can be emotionally challenging. Our house clean out team will provide compassionate support while efficiently clearing out the space. For more information on these services, you can check out our Estate Cleanouts page.

Another situation where you may need to clean out junk is if you are downsizing and need to part ways with furniture and household items you no longer require. Whether you are transitioning to a smaller space or preparing for a move, our team will assist you in streamlining your belongings and making downsizing a stress free experience.

Additionally, property clean out services can assist clients who are selling a home. Our team will come in to remove any rubbish or large items you no longer want, allowing you to prepare your home for staging. 

Renovation projects can generate a large amount of debris, trash, and unwanted materials. Our house cleanout service extends to clearing out construction waste and other rubbish, ensuring a clean and organized space for renovation work to commence.

Also, in cases of eviction or foreclosure, Main Line Junk facilitates the removal of junk left behind by former occupants and can assist property owners in reclaiming their spaces swiftly and efficiently. For more details on this service, visit our Eviction & Foreclosure Cleanouts page.

Are you curious about what we can remove during a cleanout? Our crew can remove a wide range of items, including furniture, electronics, appliances, and building materials. From old couches and unwanted clothing to outdated electronics and carpeting, we can handle everything. Let us help you declutter, downsize, or prepare for a move with our professional home clean out services.

What Does a House Cleanout Involve?

What is involved in a clean out home service? Main Line Junk’s house clearing services generally involve the removal of a larger volume of items in a home. Instead of disposing of just one or two items, our Philadelphia clean out services involve clearing out everything from the property or targeted areas, depending on the client’s specific requests.

Whether it is a complete property clean out or a focus on specific rooms like a bedroom, kitchen, garage, or basement, our team is fully equipped to handle the task efficiently. Clients can specify which items they would like to get rid of, allowing for a customized approach to decluttering and removal. For example, some may want to keep certain furniture or belongings while disposing of the rest, while others may want a complete clearance of their property.

Main Line Junk offers convenient, affordable house cleanout services, including:
  • Whole house cleanouts
  • Basement cleanouts
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Attic cleanouts
  • Crawl space cleanouts
  • Shed cleanouts
  • Yard cleanouts
As one of the best companies that clean out homes in Philadelphia, Main Line Junk understands the importance of offering the best services to our customers. Our house cleanout service in Philadelphia ensures that unwanted items are removed promptly and responsibly, leaving the property clean and organized. Property clean ups are made easy with our professional service.

We Can Take Nearly Anything!

Main Line Junk can take almost anything during a household cleanout. A few examples of items we can take include most household goods, appliances, TVs, electronics, furniture, mattresses, junk, and trash.

Unfortunately, we cannot take any hazardous materials due to safety concerns. If you have hazardous materials that need to be hauled away, we recommend that you contact the state.

Learn more about what we take during whole house cleanouts.

Philadelphia House Cleanout Cost

How much do Philadelphia house clean out companies cost? The cost to clean out a house depends on many different factors, including the type and size of the home, the volume of items being removed, and any additional surcharges for items requiring special disposal. 

While our house clean out service estimate is typically based on volume, there may be an hourly labor fee for tasks like bagging small items. You can also expect modest additional costs for certain items like electronics and appliances with Freon for proper disposal. 

Rest assured, Main Line Junk offers transparent pricing and provides affordable quotes with no hidden fees. We are also happy to offer a 10% discount for seniors and preferred pricing for property managers and recurring or contract jobs. Contact Main Line Junk today by calling 610-757-5272 for a free quote and discover our cost-effective solutions for your Philadelphia house clean outs.

Get a Free Quote On Home Cleanout Services from Main Line Junk

Are you ready to tackle your home clean out in Philadelphia? Main Line Junk is the best household cleanout service in Philadelphia and is ready to assist you with your house contents removal. Our professional and efficient team will make junk cleanout a smooth and stress free experience. We will handle all of the heavy lifting for you, eliminating your risk of injury. Our rates are affordable, predictable, and contain no hidden fees. 

Call us today at 610-757-5272 or request a free estimate online to see available appointment times. Let the team at Main Line Junk take the stress out of your cleanout process, leaving you with a clutter-free space and peace of mind.


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