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Our cleanout services in Philadelphia can assist with anything from garage cleanouts, to business cleanouts, to whole house cleanouts. We offer both residential and commercial property cleanouts to customers in the Philadelphia area. Main Line Junk can do one-off cleanouts or serve as a trusted partner for property cleanout and junk removal. We offer preferred pricing for property managers and other contracts with recurring work. Get in touch with our cleanout services today!

What Do Property Cleanouts Involve?

What do cleanouts involve exactly? Property cleanouts often involve clearing out absolutely everything from a property or a specific room or area. Perhaps you have inherited a home and have already removed what you want to keep. Maybe the home is full of clutter left behind by a former owner or tenant.

A cleanout can also involve getting rid of just a few specific items. If you are decluttering and want to get rid of some furniture, are clearing out your garage or basement, or just have a few boxes of things you don’t want, our team will get rid of it all. Just point out what you want to be hauled away and our clean out service will take care of the rest.

Here are a few reasons why you may need to hire efficient cleanout services in Philadelphia:
  • Clearing out a home after someone has died
  • Getting rid of unwanted items before moving
  • Decluttering or organizing
  • Preparing for renovations
  • Clearing away debris or broken items during or after construction, major repairs, or restoration work
  • Clearing out a property after an eviction or foreclosure

We Can Take Nearly Anything!

Main Line Junk can haul away almost anything in a cleanout, except for hazardous items.

Cleanout Services in Philadelphia

From junk removal cleanouts, to commercial cleanouts, to yard cleanouts, to whole home cleanouts, Main Line Junk has you covered. These are the Philadelphia clean out services we are proud to offer you.

Apartment Cleanouts

Apartment junk removal cleanouts in Philadelphia are useful for property managers who need to get apartments ready for cleaning and back on the market as soon as possible. Apartment property clean ups involve removing items that are left by former tenants as well as debris from repairs or renovations to your property.

Attic Cleanouts

Attic and crawl spaces are tight, hard to navigate, and often become cluttered with forgotten junk such as holiday decorations, old clothing, and more. When these areas become too messy, they can attract pests, obstruct airflow, and cause insulation problems. Attic and crawl space cleanouts in Philadelphia will get your space cleaned out in no time.

Basement Cleanouts

Basements are often the go-to storage space for homeowners, but they can quickly become cluttered and overwhelmed with junk. Our basement junk cleanout services will help you reclaim your basement and put your space to better use. We will haul away old furniture, outgrown clothes, broken junk, and old electronics.

Garage Cleanouts

Is your garage so cluttered that you can’t even fit your car inside? Hire our Philadelphia cleanout services to help declutter and organize your garage space. Our crew will clean out junk such as old paint cans, broken lawnmowers, seasonal decorations, sports equipment, and unwanted tools. A clean garage can pave the way for a beautiful, clean space for you to store your vehicle.

Hoarder Cleanouts

Hoarding is a common issue that can be incredibly difficult to tackle on your own. Our no-judgment hoarder property clean out services in Philadelphia are available to friends, family members, therapists, and professional organizers to help clean out a hoarder’s home.

House Cleanouts

When you hire our residential clean out services in Philadelphia, you will receive assistance cleaning out your entire home or selected area. Cleanouts involve hauling away household items that you no longer want or need. Whether you need a whole house cleanout or just a partial cleanout, we are here for you. 

Estate Cleanouts

Our property cleanup services are available to estate representatives and families after someone has passed away. With our compassionate estate cleanout services, you can rest assured that our team will remove all furniture, heirlooms, and other belongings from the property.

Eviction & Foreclosure Cleanouts

Our Philadelphia eviction and bank foreclosure cleanouts are available to property managers, landlords, banks, lenders, and real estate agents. We will clear out junk left by former owners or tenants who have left the property in poor condition. With these junk services, you won’t need to worry about removing damaged carpet or construction debris from renovations or repairs.

Office Cleanouts

We offer commercial cleanouts in Philadelphia to businesses that need to remove old office furniture for replacement, renovation, or relocation. Office clean outs involve hauling away all of your cubicles, desks, conference tables, and office supplies that you are no longer using.

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Storage units and storage containers are often meant to be temporary, but many people end up paying to store items long-term that they will never use again. Save money by allowing our junk clean out service to rid your container of everything you don’t want. We can even donate furniture that is still in good condition!

Get Started With a Free Estimate on Philadelphia Clean Out Services

How much will your clean out junk removal cost? Clean out companies will take many factors into consideration before providing you with an estimate. Some of these factors include the type of property, square footage, volume and type of items that are being hauled away, and whether or not you need light demolition services.

At Main Line Junk, the pricing is determined by the load size, not individual items. This makes for a more cost-effective cleanout service. Although load size determines the bulk of the pricing, a few items do have a modest surcharge, such as appliances with Freon. We pride ourselves on our affordable pricing and offer a 10% discount for seniors as well as preferred pricing for property managers and other contract or recurring work.
The best way to get an idea of the final cost is to call Main Line Junk at 610-757-5272 today. We will provide you with a free quote with no hidden fees after a thorough inspection of your property.


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