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You don’t have to downsize your home by yourself. Main Line Junk provides the best Philadelphia elderly home clean out services, assisting seniors and families for moving to a smaller home or a retirement community. We can provide junk removal for seniors in Philadelphia, cleaning out your hom, and moving your valuables into storage. We offer a 10% discount on services, so you won’t pay a lot for downsizing assistance. Our experienced senior downsizing service crew serves all homes in Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area.

Philadelphia Downsizing Services for Seniors

Many seniors order Philadelphia downsizing services because they have too many belongings. Decluttering can make your home safer as you age in place, and it can make it easier to clean and maintain your home. Many people find their homes more comfortable and peaceful to live in after decluttering and downsizing for seniors. You may also need to order a downsizing service because you’re moving to a new apartment or house or relocating to a retirement community. 

But not all companies that help seniors downsize are alike. You should find senior downsizing services from compassionate, experienced, and professional movers who specialize in downsizing for seniors in Philadelphia

Main Line Junk offers comprehensive and compassionate help with downsizing and moving. We can remove any junk from your home, including furniture, trash, electronics, appliances like old TVs, and clothes. Our downsizing service team can haul away nearly everything that isn’t hazardous, but we don’t put everything in a landfill. We can donate household items in good condition and recycle other items when possible. Learn more about what we take so you can use our junk removal for seniors properly.

We can work with your family, a senior move manager, a retirement home employee, or other people to create an efficient downsizing process. Our partner Suburban Solutions can also help you with the moving process, including moves to a retirement community or an assisted living facility. 

If you prefer to downsize parts of your home by yourself, you can choose the dumpster rental service. We can go into your home and remove junk inside, or we can perform a curbside retrieval and remove rubbish in front of your home. We can also take away any items in your garage, yard, attic, or basement. 

The Challenges of Senior Downsizing

Downsizing in retirement is very beneficial. You can have peace of mind, knowing you have an easier-to-maintain home without clutter or items you don’t need. You can reduce your maintenance and living expenses and make it easier to walk from room to room. 

However, downsizing can be difficult for a few reasons. It can be hard to give away your keepsakes or heirlooms, even if you’re moving them to a storage unit. You may not know what to do with items you don’t have room for or how to store valuables you want to keep. Many people acquire hundreds or thousands of items over the years, so the retirement downsizing process can take a few days. Some seniors have physical limitations that require extensive Philadelphia downsizing assistance. Other seniors downsize and move reluctantly or don’t receive enough help from their friends and family. 

Main Line Junk’s team of Philadelphia area downsizing experts can take care of all the challenges of senior downsizing. We can help you move items you want to keep into a storage unit, your new home, or the home of a relative. We work in teams to haul away unwanted items efficiently, using tools to keep your floors and door jambs safe. Our downsizing services team is friendly and patient, providing you with the customer service you deserve. 

Downsizing Tips for Seniors and Families

Senior downsizing experts recommend following a few tips on how to downsize your home for retirement. Here are several essential tips for downsizing for seniors.

Prepare for Your Move

You should start planning your downsizing at least two months in advance. Order your Philadelphia elderly home clean out services as soon as possible, as they may become booked as you get closer to moving day. Look at the floor plan of your new home and see how many items you can bring with you. You should also notify your close family members and get their opinion on what to do.

Categorize Your Belongings

Categorizing is one of the most important decluttering tips for seniors. You should go through your belongings and organize them into four categories: items to keep, items to give to loved ones, items to donate, and items to discard. All keepsakes should fit into your new home, though you can order a storage container or move extra items into your loved one’s attic or basement.

Inventory Your Items

As you and your downsizing assistance professionals are categorizing your belongings, you should write down each item in each category. It may also be helpful to list common household items like clothes, furniture, and appliances. Philadelphia companies that help seniors downsize can provide you with checklists to keep track of everything.

Prioritize Your Paperwork

Ask a company about senior downsizing services and moving tips for seniors, and they’ll tell you to focus on your paperwork. You should start by finding important documents like your birth certificate, passport, medical records, and Social Security and Medicare cards. Put them in a folder so you know where they are. You should also keep copies of any contracts or receipts from your providers of downsizing services for seniors. 

Call Main Line Junk for Affordable Senior Downsizing Service in Philadelphia

Main Line Junk offers all of the senior downsizing services in Philadelphia you need, including logistical support. Our team has experience in providing caring and professional customer service, even if you have a lot of items to get rid of. We also offer affordable, predictable, and upfront pricing. Call 610-757-5272 for a free estimate for Philadelphia downsizing services today. 

Additional Downsizing Help and Senior Relocation Resources

Senior relocation can be an emotional and tricky time. You can always count on the team at Main Line Junk for downsizing help for seniors. A downsizing specialist on our crew may recommend some additional resources for help downsizing your home and handling the transition from your old home: 
  • National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM): NASMM is a coalition of professional senior downsizing experts you can contact if you need additional support while downsizing. 
  • Downsizing for Aging in Place Guide: The National Coalition on Aging has a guide to help seniors who want to downsize while remaining in their current homes. Use this guide as a checklist to navigate the process, including finding a home. 
  • HomeFit Guide: AARP provides this guide with tips on making each room of your home safe and comfortable as you age in place. 
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS): The National Association of Home Builders certifies CAPS and trains them to provide home modifications and renovations that make aging in place easier. Hire CAPS whenever possible for downsizing assistance.
  • Habitat for Humanity Aging in Place Program: The Aging in Place Program works with human services organizations to help seniors to age in place, including modifications to the layout of their home. 
  • Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES): The National Association for Realtors provides the SRES designation for realtors who specialize in helping seniors downsize, sell, buy, and relocate homes. Try to find SRES if you’re purchasing new real estate.
  • Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs): GCMs perform assessments to find hazards in your home and connect you with social services. They can also coordinate medical care, transportation, and logistics for your short and long-term care.


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