Storage Unit Cleanouts in Greater Philadelphia

Storage junk can be enough to drive you crazy sometimes. Don’t fly off the handle! Instead, contact Main Line Junk for fast and affordable storage unit clean out services.

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Sometimes, we don’t have all the space we need at home or at work. In these scenarios, we might go out and rent a storage unit. These units serve as a great place to stash away surplus items that might have use in the future. However, if it turns out those items aren’t useful at all, what are you supposed to do about it? Here’s a thought: contact Main Line Junk, the go-to junk removal in the Greater Philadelphia Area, for storage unit cleanouts!

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Why Us for Storage Junk Removal?

When choosing a professional clean outs business to clean out your storage unit, who should you call? Well, you don’t want to pick a team that’s going to be late. After all, you’re going to have to take time out of your day to let the crew into the storage unit. When you choose Main Line Junk, you can count on us to be there on time because we’re just a short stretch up the road. Not only that, but we’ll be there with an empty junk removal truck and the will to serve you right. We love serving our community, and that includes you!

What’s the cost to clean out storage units? At Main Line Junk, we use simple, volume-based pricing to determine what you owe us. In other words, we’ll estimate the amount of truck space we expect the job to use up, then let you know what to expect to pay accordingly. Of course, there are no hidden fees. We play fair when cleaning out storage units—or when we do any one of our junk removal services, really!

How Storage Junk Removal Works

  1. It all begins when you receive our courtesy call. That’s our way of letting you know to head over to the storage unit because it’s time for your appointment to start soon.
  2. Once we have met and introduced ourselves to each other, we will size up the storage unit, determine what needs to go, then let you know what you can expect to pay.
  3. Next, we’ll start cleaning out the storage unit. Any items you want to keep we can help reorganize. The rest will get loaded into our truck.
  4. When disposing of the storage junk, we will recycle or donate as much as we can before resorting to any landfills. We are eco-friendly and proud of it!

Storage Unit Electronics Removal

A surprising amount of electronics are stored in storage units. When you think about it, though, it makes sense. When kids move out, we need to put their old video game consoles somewhere. And when we upgrade a television, we’re not often keen to just throw the old one out. However, if you need help reclaiming that storage unit space, finally putting those old electronics to rest may be the best place to start. Don’t worry—we’ll haul them to our truck, then take them to be recycled or donated.

In some special cases, we find that people with storage units use them primarily for electronics. Consider people who run sound and lights for concerts, conventions, and meetups. That equipment needs to be kept somewhere, and it’s often inside of a storage unit. However, unloading and loading these items into a storage unit all week can be exhausting, so if you need help with that process, we can work you into the schedule for a special labor charge.

About Us

Main Line Junk is chugging down the tracks to satisfy any of our neighbors who need professional junk removal for a fair, affordable price. You’ll be surprised at how friendly we are—it’s a fresh of breath air in a world of stale-faced junk removal franchises. Of course, we always work hard, and we don’t make it cost an arm or a leg, either. We’re a great option for cleaning out storage units, houses, businesses, and more! When you need junk cleanup help from a local business, Main Line Junk is always there to help!

Storage Junk We Take

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Based on 25 reviews
AWESOME experience across the board; we rented a 13-yard dumpster and the entire company was professional from signing on, drop-off and pick-up; HIGHLY recommend their services!
Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
15:01 15 Nov 22
Main Line Junk removal was fast and user friendly. I set up the appointment with Breanna a few days before I needed it and they were in constant communication with me every step of the way. Charles Smith and his helper removed all junk quickly and professionally. They were very nice and helpful. I give this company 5 stars and will use them again if needed.
Renee Martini
Renee Martini
14:20 02 Nov 22
Main Line junk removal did an excellent job. They were early to arrive, texting me that they would be here in a minute or so, and in fact were. If you have any stuff to be removed this is the business you want to call. I highly recommend them.
18:28 14 Oct 22
They showed up on time, the men were professional and couldn’t be nicer. They removed all item while not in any way damaging any thing I. The house. Would highly recommend Main Lune Junk
Terri Cifelli
Terri Cifelli
14:44 12 Oct 22
Rented dumpster for home clean up, everyone involved was courteous and professional! Couldn’t be happier from start to finish. Took great care of our driveway with wood supports underneath dumpster. Highly recommend!
Kerry Gidley
Kerry Gidley
12:55 19 Aug 22
Had them come out and they removed a shed and disposed of it for me. They were professional and on time and did a fantastic job with removal and cleanup. I would also say it’s very reasonable price wise. I would highly recommend them for any junk or clean out service!
Marcus Meslener
Marcus Meslener
13:43 21 Mar 22
Great Service! The team they sent out were very nice and hauled all our junk without issue! Also they were the cheapest out of the options I looked at. I would recommend them to anyone.
Abby Potts
Abby Potts
16:32 12 Mar 22
Very easy to deal with. I placed a request online for a quote Wednesday and they were out Friday to get my stuff. Guys that came were very professional; cleaned up the area after they had removed my junk. Highly recommend!
Cara Dimino
Cara Dimino
17:21 30 Jul 21
Just had MLJ remove a sectional from our third floor today. Very professional and careful. I would highly recommend using their services.
Paul Pivovarnik
Paul Pivovarnik
13:03 01 Jun 21
I used Suburban Solutions to move into my apartment and was thrilled to see they owned a junk removal business as well! They made removing my old futon from my apartment so easy. Super reasonable prices and friendly team. Hire them!
Sarah Sutherland
Sarah Sutherland
16:08 05 May 21


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