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As a leading Philadelphia valet trash company, Main Line Junk helps property managers enjoy greater tenant satisfaction and cleaner trash and common areas. We also serve businesses, homeowners, dorms, and more with convenient and personalized trash valet solutions. Here’s how our doorstep trash service works and why it’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Is Valet Trash?

Valet trash service, or doorstep trash service, is a popular amenity at condos and apartments throughout Philadelphia. With valet trash removal, a company picks up trash set out at the doorstep and hauls it away – or takes it to the on-site dumpster. Collection can be performed daily, weekly, or on your schedule.

Tenants usually pay a monthly fee for door to door trash pickup. In exchange, they get the convenience of doorstep trash collection without hauling trash all the way to the dumpster. This also keeps common areas and the entire complex tidy without overflowing dumpster issues.

Our Valet Trash Service in Philadelphia

Main Line Junk provides exceptional valet trash pickup in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We serve not only apartment buildings but also homes, businesses, dorms, and retirement communities with convenient doorstep trash collection.

Our valet trash services help you manage trash collection and maintain a clean property with personalized service. Here’s how it works:
  • Choose valet pickup days for your business or facility – we’re open Monday to Saturday!
  • Set bagged trash outside your door on collection days
  • Our team will pick up trash door-side and haul it away
  • Need heavy or large items hauled away? Let us know – there’s just a modest additional labor charge!
Valet waste service in Philadelphia is one of the most in-demand apartment amenities, but it’s also convenient for homeowners and businesses too! You don’t need to worry about municipal trash pickup rules or drag trash downstairs or to the curb. Our garbage valet solution is also cost-effective and easy to tailor to your needs.

Main Line Junk offers valet waste services for:
  • Apartment buildings
  • Condo developments
  • Senior living communities
  • HOAs
  • Offices
  • College and university student housing
  • Retail businesses
  • And more!
Get started today with private trash pickup and enjoy the convenience of doorstep trash collection!

Apartment Valet Trash Service

Valet trash service for apartments is a practical amenity that benefits residents and property managers alike.

The way it works is simple:
  • Residents place trash outside their door the night before or the morning of scheduled trash pickup days
  • Trash must be in sealed bags inside approved trash receptacles
  • We perform door to door trash pickup and haul away all trash
With our apartment trash pickup in Philadelphia, you don’t just enjoy fewer issues like overflowing dumpsters; your residents enjoy a convenient service that saves them the hassle of hauling trash to the community dumpster.

Apartment valet trash is especially beneficial for senior living communities, high-rises, and complexes dealing with recurring trash issues like backed-up trash chutes and overflowing dumpsters. Property managers who charge residents mandatory valet trash fees also enjoy increased net operating income.

Apartments with valet trash are desired by tenants – but it’s important to make sure valet waste service is implemented and managed correctly. We recommend a proactive strategy to educate residents on how the service works, the rules and collection days, and the importance of following valet pickup rules.

Some apartment complexes issue warnings to residents who fail to follow rules and turn to fines if they routinely leave trash bags in the hallway or otherwise ignore requirements. There’s a learning curve to implementing apartment trash pickup service but communicating the details in advance and working with residents can go a long way to helping everyone use and benefit from the service.

Main Line Junk can help by sending photos and notifying you when residents aren’t following valet rules that can create a safety hazard, introduce pests, or cause leaks or bad smells. Property managers can follow up by giving residents friendly reminders and communicating details.

Get in touch with Main Line Junk today to discuss the details of setting up apartment trash pickup service and the details of an affordable valet trash service agreement tailored to the needs of your complex.

Philadelphia Valet Trash Service Pricing

How much is valet trash service in Philadelphia? It depends on the service type, number of units, property type, and frequency of pickups. The cost is also different for property managers and residents.

Depending on these factors, the cost may be anywhere from $8 to $30+ per unit. Garden style apartments have the lowest pricing per unit because pickup is fast and easy. Properties with a large number of garden style units have even lower costs per unit compared to smaller properties.

The standard valet trash contract involves trash collection 5 days per week. Reducing the number of collection days can reduce the cost.

Finally, the length of the valet trash service agreement will affect the cost of service.

It isn’t a requirement, but most property managers pass on the valet trash fee to residents. Valet trash services are an amenity for residents, but they also increase revenue for the property. It’s common for residents to pay $25 to $35 per month for the service while the property manager pays $8 to $15 on average per unit.

At Main Line Junk, we take pride in our affordable and flexible valet trash services. We are happy to work with you to determine the best arrangement for your facility.

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Whether you’re interested in offering apartment trash pickup service as an amenity or need regular doorstep trash collection at your home or business, Main Line Junk is here to help. Give us a call to discuss your needs and get a free estimate for valet trash pickup in Philadelphia.


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