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Ready to transform an underwhelming backyard and get rid of ugly yard debris and junk? Need yard waste disposal in Philadelphia to haul away fallen tree branches and clean out the landscaping beds? Main Line Junk is here to help with efficient yard cleanup services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We handle yard cleanouts, haul away yard waste, and even tear down and remove old sheds, decks, and hot tubs to give you the beautiful backyard of your dreams.

Yard Cleanup & Yard Debris Removal in Philadelphia

With dependable Philadelphia yard waste removal and yard clean up services, Main Line Junk is ready to pitch in for the hard part of spring yard cleaning and backyard makeovers: getting rid of everything.

Our team has you covered with full-service junk removal and light demolition services. We do everything from getting rid of dilapidated sheds, old playground equipment, and old decks to tree waste removal, landscaping removal, and hauling away stumps, garden waste, and general debris.
Here are just some ways we can help:
  • Getting rid of old junk in the backyard. We can tear down and remove damaged fencing, sheds, old bikes, tires, scrap wood, unwanted decorations, and more.
  • Clearing away yard trash after tackling an overgrown yard. Our overgrown yard cleanup service includes bagging loose yard waste and hauling away landscaping waste, tree branches and limbs, grass clippings, and more.
  • Hauling away junk during a backyard renovation. Maybe you’re installing a new fence or replacing an old deck. We’ll take care of proper disposal of all the waste.
  • Cleanup after a storm. After a heavy storm, we’ll help you clean up storm debris on your property, like smaller uprooted trees, fallen tree branches, and scattered debris that gets blown into your yard.
  • Yard cleanout for home sellers. Ready to list your home? Make sure your property looks its best. We can help by tearing down that unsightly old shed and hauling away junk, yard waste, and dead foliage.
  • Help for new homeowners. Need to get rid of junk the seller left behind in the backyard? Want to redo the yard or landscaping, or replace the deck or fence? We’ll help by hauling away all the waste and debris.
No matter what you have planned for your yard, or what kind of yard waste and debris you need to get rid of, Main Line Junk can help with a dedicated team and affordable, upfront pricing.

We Can Take Nearly Anything!

Main Line Junk can haul away almost anything, as long as it isn’t hazardous! That includes everything from tires, scrap metal, and scrap wood to grass clippings, branches, and other yard waste. Learn more about what we take here.

Our Philadelphia Yard Cleaning Services

We don’t do landscaping and lawn care, but we can help with other backyard cleaning services and debris removal. Here’s how our Philadelphia yard cleanup and removal solutions make yard cleanup easy and painless!

Yard Debris Removal

Municipal yard waste pickup and drop-off can be complicated and limited. Your municipality may offer a yard debris drop-off site – but hours are likely short, it may be seasonal, and you will be restricted to only certain types of organic waste. Your trash collection company may only pick up yard debris curbside on specific days and with specific limitations. This usually means only bundled branches under a certain length and diameter and a single bag of lawn debris in a biodegradable bag.

Main Line Junk makes yard waste disposal in Philadelphia simple and easy. We can haul away all types of green yard waste and debris, including tree branches and limbs, stumps, lawn clippings, brush, leaves, soil, rocks, and landscaping waste like plants and weeds.

We can perform yard waste removal services by hauling away all the debris you have gathered and pulled up. We can also help pick up tree branches, pull out landscaping, and gather up loose debris. Whether you’ve trimmed, raked, or bagged the yard debris already, or need some assistance, Main Line Junk can help.

Our yard cleanup and brush removal in Philadelphia includes:
  • Landscape Debris Removal: Redoing your flower beds or replacing landscaping? We haul away landscaping debris, including mulch, trimmings, plants, and gravel, to give you a fresh start.
  • Tree Debris Removal: Our tree branch disposal helps you get rid of large or dangerous debris from the yard. Our branch removal service includes picking up fallen limbs and even cutting branches that we can safely access.
  • Brush Removal: We help you deal with an overgrown yard with cost-effective landscaping removal and brush removal service in Philadelphia. We can help pull up some brush, gather loose brush, and haul it all away.
  • Dirt Removal: Performing a backyard makeover? Excavating? We can haul away the excess soil.
  • Storm Debris Removal: We’ll help you get your yard back in shape after a storm leaves you with trash, debris, and fallen limbs and branches.
  • Garden Waste Disposal: Main Line Junk can haul away all types of organic, green waste like plant trimmings and clippings, pulled weeds, and plants.
We aren’t landscapers or tree trimmers, but we can haul away tree branches, fallen limbs, compost debris, and general yard waste. We can also provide some help with removing landscaping and cutting branches that are safely accessible without specialized equipment. If you need more involved yard cleanup services such as edging, trunk removal, or tree trimming, we recommend contacting a professional lawn care company or tree trimmer.

Yard Junk Removal

Do you have junk taking up space in your yard? We can do more than yard waste disposal; our team can also handle yard junk removal in Philadelphia. Main Line Junk can help with yard cleanouts by hauling away backyard junk and even performing light demo to tear down and remove large items.

Our affordable backyard junk removal helps you reclaim your yard and get rid of debris, unused and broken items, and yard decor you no longer want. We can haul away everything from landscape timbers or landscape edging to tires, children’s playsets, and old bicycles. Yard cleanup and hauling is generally charged by volume – you pay only for the space you take up in the truck. There may be an hourly labor charge if you need us to do yard trash pickup that involves bagging small debris.

Our yard light demolition services include:
  • Shed removal
  • Deck removal
  • Hot tub removal
  • Swing set & trampoline removal
  • Fence removal
  • Yard trash removal

Yard Waste Dumpster Rental

Want a DIY solution to yard cleaning? Main Line Junk also offers dumpster rental services. We can deliver a roll-off dumpster that you can load at your pace with household junk, yard debris, and more. When the dumpster is full or you’re done with your cleanup, we’ll pick it up and haul it away. We can also return the dumpster empty if you have more items or debris to throw away.

Yard Debris Removal Cost in Philadelphia

With Main Line Junk, you can always count on an affordable, honest, and upfront yard debris removal cost. Generally, our yard waste removal service is charged by volume, so you only pay for the space you use. There may be an hourly labor fee for picking up and bagging small debris and brush. If you need us to remove junk from the yard, there may be a modest surcharge for certain items that require special disposal like tires and appliances with Freon.

Main Line Junk offers a 10% discount for seniors on lawn debris removal and junk removal. We also offer preferred pricing for property managers and other recurring or contract work.

We can give you an estimate online or over the phone with a firm quote once we see what you need us to haul away. 

Call Main Line Junk for Affordable Yard Waste Removal

From yard waste hauling and tree limb disposal to backyard junk removal, Main Line Junk is ready to help you clean up debris and transform your property. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 610-757-5272 or request a free quote online for affordable Philadelphia yard debris removal!

Philadelphia Yard Waste Removal Resources

What to Do with Yard Waste

Below are resources to learn more about yard debris recycling, yard debris recycling facilities in the Philadelphia area, and how to compost yard waste at home.

What Types of Yard & Garden Waste Can Be Composted?

Composting can be done in an open pile or with a compost bin. Green and brown organic waste should be kept moist and aerated by mixing it every now and then. Composting reduces waste and creates valuable enrichment material for soil.

Garden and yard waste that can be composted includes:
  • Grass clippings
  • Plant cuttings and spent plants
  • Weeds that haven’t gone to seed
  • Dried leaves
  • Chipped branches and twigs 
“Green” organic waste is usually green and nitrogen-rich. “Brown” organic waste is usually carbon-rich, dry, and brown, like leaves and sawdust. A good rule of thumb for backyard composting is maintaining a mix of half browns and half greens, or ideally twice as many browns.

Avoid adding pest-infested, diseased, or chemically treated plants to your compost pile, as well as weeds that have gone to seed and may “contaminate” your compost. 

How to Dispose of Yard Waste

Pennsylvania law requires recycling yard waste. Burning leaves and other yard waste is illegal, but there are many options for yard waste disposal in Philadelphia and other municipalities. 

If you live in a mandated municipality (usually a population over 5,000), it must provide a leaf waste collection program that includes tree trimmings, leaves, garden residue, and similar material. It does not include grass clippings. This is because grass is high in nitrogen and produces ammonia. It requires special processing. 

Options for yard debris recycling include:  
  • Municipal curbside yard waste collection. Check with your municipality and trash collection company to find out if they offer curbside yard waste pickup and the specific rules. Mandated municipalities must offer seasonal curbside leaf waste pickup and drop-off events or centers throughout the year. Material must typically be collected in biodegradable yard waste bags for pickup. 
  • “Grasscycling” which means leaving grass clippings where they lay when you cut the grass. This helps fertilize your lawn, but you may need to mow less frequently in the summer and more often in the spring. 
  • Chipping to break down tree branches and other wood into chips or shredding for leaves and small twigs. The shredded or chipped material can be composted or used as mulch. 
  • Composting
You can also contact a yard waste disposal company like Main Line Junk for bulk yard waste pickup or yard waste that your municipality or trash company will not accept.

Philadelphia Yard Debris Recycling Facilities

Here is a large list of yard debris recycling facilities and drop-off centers in the Philadelphia area. Note that some facilities may no longer be operational or may have changed their guidelines: please check with the facility.


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