Tips for Construction Project Debris Removal

No matter how big or small the construction project, we strongly recommend having professionals at Main Line Junk remove debris from the property. Standard by-products from a building project can include scrap, demolition debris, material packaging, and much more. As the project is in session, you may wonder how you are going to get every piece of debris transported to the appropriate disposal location. Lucky for you, now you know someone who offers construction debris services!

Here are a few tips that can help keep your construction project moving along smoothly, with minimal road bumps:

#1 Request an In-Person Estimate

Not every construction company offers services to remove post-construction debris. So, it’s important to plan ahead and figure out who will be providing this service for you. At Main Line Junk, we can come out to the construction site to evaluate the scope and volume of the debris that will likely be produced from the project. Or, if the project is already complete and you need a heap of material removed, we can calculate an estimate for how much that will cost. Our estimates include every stage of the removal, including multiple scheduled pick-ups if needed.

#2 Ask About Clean-Up Services

PIcking up debris created from a construction project, and cleaning up the site afterwards are two different processes. Be sure to ask about clean-up services with the company you are considering hiring. Our team at Main Line Junk can vacuum and dust the construction area post-project, to ensure that the site is both safe and cleaned up thoroughly. Depending on the size of the construction project and how much needs to be cleaned, we can let you know what the associated costs would be.

#3 Repurpose and Recycle Materials

Agencies at both the state and federal level may have requirements for how disposal of materials and substances must be done. So, this means that who you hire to do this task must be knowledgeable about not only junk removal, but laws pertaining to your area too. We can talk with you about proper methods of disposal, including what materials can be recycled or repurposed. At Main Line Junk, we believe in practicing environmental stewardship and try to recycle as much of the construction project debris as we can.

#4 Outsource the Construction Debris Removal

While you may be tempted to have the construction company who is managing the project do the debris removal, it’s important to pause and consider the costs. Chances are, you are hiring a construction crew based on the hour. Each hour that this crew takes to pick up debris and clean the site, is an hour that isn’t being used to generate revenue, causing costs to add up fast. There’s no harm in doing a price comparison so that your company can save money wherever possible!

If you are starting or are in the midst of a construction project, please call Main Line Junk today to talk about our construction debris removal services!

Our Clients Feedback

  • Kevin and his team were great to work with! They were reliable, friendly and made the process super easy. Great money spent and a great company to work with. Highly recommend!!!

    Robert M. Avatar
    Robert M.
    5 months ago

    Kevin and his team couldn’t have been easier to work with. They were responsive, reliable, and friendly. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs to move or just have junk taken from their home or office. Best money I’ve spent in a long time!

    Peter R. Avatar
    Peter R.
    7 months ago

    Wonderful customer service! Kevin was a pleasure to work with and they removed several items from my home. Would give 6 stars if I could! Thanks for all your help!!

    Brian N. Avatar
    Brian N.
    7 months ago
  • We have used this company about 4/5 times in the past year, and they are FANTASTIC! The staff is very friendly, and they always do an amazing job!

    Allison R. Avatar
    Allison R.
    8 months ago

    We just had Main Line Junk out to the house to remove a few pieces of furniture. Kevin was great to work with, super easy to schedule and reasonably priced. We have already recommended their services to a few family members and will be calling them... read more

    Alexis M. Avatar
    Alexis M.
    8 months ago