Signs That Your Storage Space Needs a Clean Out

If you have a storage space that you pay a monthly fee to use but never find yourself needing anything in the unit, then it may be time to do a clean out with help from your friendly local moving company Main Line Junk. To ensure that you don’t get charged for an extra month unnecessarily, we can help you get things out by a certain deadline. We can go above and beyond to help alleviate the stress of getting rid of those items you now view as junk.

Here are signs that it’s probably time to clean out that storage space:

You Want To Start Saving More Money

If you are paying a hundred dollars or more per month for your storage unit, this can surely add up by the end of the year. This means you could be spending upwards of multiple thousands of dollars per year, just to have a spot where you can keep old stuff. More often than not, those who rent storage spaces eventually realize that they don’t have a need for these items anymore, but don’t know what to do with them. You can save more money each month if you go through everything in the storage space and relocate what you still want to your home. Then, our team at Main Line Junk can take the rest to the dump, a charitable organization, or recycling plant!

You Want to Support Your Local Community

Let’s say that the reason you haven’t gone through your storage space yet, is because you feel guilty just throwing a bunch of items at the dump. Well, your local community can actually benefit if you take the time to sort through these belongings and decide what can be parted with and what is still in reasonably good shape. After providing you with information about what belongings are salvageable, you may be surprised to realize that most of your stuff doesn’t require the dump. Examples of items that may be accepted at your local non-profit organization include:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electronics
  • Carpets
  • Mattresses
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Dishware
  • Artwork and frames
  • CDs, records, and tapes

You Want to Simplify and Declutter

At Main Line Junk, we understand that sometimes it just feels great to lighten your load, declutter, and get rid of items you no longer use. It can be difficult to part with things that you think you may use in the future, but the truth is that if we haven’t needed that item in 6-12 months, then we probably never will. We grow and change as the years go by, so unless a belonging is of sentimental value, there will likely be a time when it needs to be taken away.

If you are in need of moving services related to junk removal, then you can rely on our team to get the job done professionally and in a timely manner. A friendly customer service representative at Main Line Junk is ready to speak with you!

Our Clients Feedback

  • Kevin and his team were great to work with! They were reliable, friendly and made the process super easy. Great money spent and a great company to work with. Highly recommend!!!

    Robert M. Avatar
    Robert M.
    5 months ago

    Kevin and his team couldn’t have been easier to work with. They were responsive, reliable, and friendly. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs to move or just have junk taken from their home or office. Best money I’ve spent in a long time!

    Peter R. Avatar
    Peter R.
    7 months ago

    Wonderful customer service! Kevin was a pleasure to work with and they removed several items from my home. Would give 6 stars if I could! Thanks for all your help!!

    Brian N. Avatar
    Brian N.
    7 months ago
  • We have used this company about 4/5 times in the past year, and they are FANTASTIC! The staff is very friendly, and they always do an amazing job!

    Allison R. Avatar
    Allison R.
    8 months ago

    We just had Main Line Junk out to the house to remove a few pieces of furniture. Kevin was great to work with, super easy to schedule and reasonably priced. We have already recommended their services to a few family members and will be calling them... read more

    Alexis M. Avatar
    Alexis M.
    8 months ago