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Is your deck falling apart and becoming a safety hazard? Do you have an unsightly old deck? Before rebuilding a deck or patio, we can help tear down and haul away the old one. Main Line Junk is ready to help with affordable deck demolition in Philadelphia.

We proudly serve the Greater Philadelphia area with light demo and deck removal. We can tear down and haul away all types of decks, ensuring all debris is removed so you are ready to move on to the next phase of your project!

Deck Demolition and Removal in Philadelphia

We serve residential and commercial customers with upfront rates for Philadelphia deck demolition. Main Line Junk can help you demolish a deck or patio of nearly any size! We are here to help if you are:
  • Rebuilding a deck that’s structurally unsound or not to code,
  • Removing a deck and putting in a patio,
  • Tearing down a deck and upgrading to a new material,
  • Removing decking you don’t want to replace, or
  • Performing a partial deck rebuild and need us to haul away materials
Removing a deck or performing major repair work is a big job that generates a lot of debris that’s hard to get rid of on your own. If you aren’t experienced with light demolition, tearing down decking can be harder than it looks, with the potential to damage your siding.
Main Line Junk takes the hard work out of deck removal in Philadelphia. Our team will arrive with all the necessary equipment and experience to carefully demo your old deck without damaging your property. We can tear down as much of the deck structure as needed, from the decking down to the footings, or just haul away old deck boards, deteriorated ledger boards, and rusted hardware you have already pulled down.

Main Line Junk performs light demo as needed and removes all deck components including:
  • Deck boards
  • Joists
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Railings
  • Stairs
  • Footings
  • Support posts
  • Beams
  • Flashing
  • Ledger boards
We can demolish and haul away most decks, but an on-site inspection will be necessary to confirm we can take it down and give you a firm quote.

How to Remove a Deck in Philadelphia

#1. Call Main Line Junk

Call our deck removal experts for a no-obligation, on-site estimate. We’ll assess the best way to safely remove your deck and give you a firm, accurate quote.

#2. Schedule

If needed, we’ll schedule a convenient time to return for deck demolition and removal. We’ll call when we’re on the way!

#3. Demolition

We’ll handle light demolition and tear down your old deck from the ground up with the right deck demolition tools.

#4. Removal

Our team will carefully load and haul away all deck components, including old deck boards, joists, and footings.

#5. Cleanup

Before we leave, we’ll clean up the area to remove nails, screws, and small debris.

Types of Decks We Haul Away

Main Line Junk can do a deck tear down and haul away all types of decks, large and small. Whether you are removing an old wood deck with rot or bowing, a deteriorating PVC deck, or an aging and slippery pool deck, we can help! We can remove all types of decks, including:
  • Composite decks
  • Old wood decks
  • Plastic or PVC decks
  • Attached decks
  • Detached decks
  • Pool decks

Philadelphia Deck Removal Cost

The cost to remove a deck in Philadelphia depends on many factors, including:
  • Deck type and material
  • Size
  • How it’s anchored
  • General construction
  • Condition 
We may be able to give you an estimate before we arrive with pictures or a description of your deck. We will give you an accurate deck demolition cost after an on-site assessment.

When we arrive, we will determine the best way to handle the deck removal and give you a fair upfront quote with no hidden fees. If you agree to the cost, we can get started with the deck demolition.

Call Main Line Junk today at (610) 757-5272 to discuss the cost to demo a deck and available appointment times. We offer a 10% discount for seniors!

Call Main Line Junk for Deck Demo & Removal in Philadelphia

Ready to get rid of your dangerous eyesore deck? Main Line Junk offers an upfront Philadelphia deck demolition and removal cost with a team ready to show up and get to work! Call our deck removal experts today to get started with a free, firm quote.

Deck Disposal FAQs

Do I need a permit to remove a deck?

A deck rebuild or tear-down may require a permit, depending on the size of the deck and other factors. For deck removal in Philadelphia, EZ Permits do not require submitting plans. Residential decks or patios up to 216 square feet qualify for an EZ Permit.

Make sure you check with your municipality to find out if a permit will be required before deck demo!

How to tear down a deck

If you are planning on tearing down a deck yourself, be prepared with the right tools and familiarize yourself with how your deck is constructed.

You will need deck demolition tools such as gloves, protective eyewear, closed-toe shoes, knee pads, a hammer, a pry bar, a hand saw, and a screwdriver. You may want to invest in specialty tools if your deck is very old.

Here is a general overview of the steps to take to tear down a deck.

#1. Remove railing. Starting at one end, remove screws or nails holding handrails in place. Loosen and remove the balusters next, then the bottom rails.

#2. Remove deck boards. You will need to remove screws or nails to lift up each board one by one. Removing old deck boards is often harder than you expect. Nails can sink deep into old wood boards that have swelled and contracted over many seasons. Screws can become stripped or rusted and challenging to loosen. For sunken or stubborn nails, a nail jack or nail pulling pliers can make fast work of the task. You can also use a saw to cut boards into manageable pieces for removal.

#3. Remove the steps. The next step is removing the treads with a pry bar. Cut the stringer and risers to remove them from the structure.

#4. Detach the deck from the home. If the deck is attached, you can use a saw to cut the frame from the ledger board. This should be done slowly and with great care. The deck will start to pull away from the house as you go!

#5. Remove joists. You can pry or pound loose the decking joists from the frame to further break down the deck.

#6. Dig out the posts. Finally, you will need to dig out the concrete supports to remove the deck posts. A sledgehammer can be useful for breaking up the concrete.

Want to demolish your own deck? Main Line Junk can still help with affordable dumpster rental in Philadelphia to get rid of the debris!

How to remove deck boards

If your wood deck boards have rotted, bowed, or deteriorated, it’s time to pull them up. Removing deck boards can be tricky. A hammer and pry bar or a screwdriver may be all you need to pull up the boards. If you’re having trouble with sunken nails, the easiest way to remove deck boards is with a nail jack or nail pullers to make fast work of the job. Sometimes, using a long board placed between the joists and the decking can also help to loosen the boards.

Once the old boards are removed, you’re ready to continue the demolition to replace the deck. If your existing deck is otherwise structurally sound but has damaged boards, replacing them can be a cost-effective alternative to redoing a deck.


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