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Main Line Junk is here to help if you need reliable hot tub removal in the Philadelphia area. Getting rid of a hot tub or spa can take time and effort. They are often very heavy, and you don't want to risk injuring yourself in the process.

Main Line Junk is a trusted name in light demolition and haul-away services in the Greater Philadelphia area. We will gladly assist with affordable, efficient, and convenient hot tub or spa disposal for your schedule.

Hot Tub Removal Service in Philadelphia

Our customers require affordable hot tub removal services for several different reasons. Maybe you bought a home that already has a hot tub or jacuzzi that is either broken or unwanted and needs old hot tub removal services. You may need spa removal for foreclosure if you purchased a distressed property or you're handling the sale.

Hot tub removal and disposal can also come in handy during an estate cleanout if you recently inherited a home. Maybe you've enjoyed your hot tub for many years, but it's no longer working, and it doesn't make sense to have it repaired. We'll gladly haul away the hot tub, no questions asked. You may also consider hot tub or jacuzzi removal if you're relocating and don't have the space or energy to bring the appliance with you.

Regardless of the reasoning, you can trust Main Line Junk for affordable and professional hot tub removal in Philadelphia. Hot tub disposal can be challenging on your own. They can get very heavy and difficult to transport. Plus, after the hot tub haul away, you need to find somewhere to donate the spa or somewhere you can dump it responsibly.

Donating a hot tub can be difficult, and it isn't always easy to find a buyer. It can also be dangerous to remove a hot tub without the proper tools or equipment. So, it's best to leave it in the hands of an experienced Philadelphia hot tub removal company. 

At Main Line Junk, we know how to remove a jacuzzi tub the right way. We are a full-service junk removal and light demolition company, so in addition to hot tub removal services, we can also demolish and haul away your deck or patio afterward. Our spa removers can break down the hot tub cabinetry and cut up the shell if needed, then remove all the parts safely and efficiently. 

Although we do not offer plumbing work, we can haul away the plumbing components as part of our jacuzzi tub removal service. Our Philadelphia hot tub haulers will take care of the following components:
  • Stairs, steps, and railings
  • Cabinets
  • Hot tub shells
  • Hot tub plumbing, including hoses, valves, and pipes 
  • Hot tub covers
  • Decks
  • Accessories
At Main Link Junk, we know how to get rid of a hot tub the right way. So contact us today if you need help removing a hot tub without overspending or injuring yourself. 

How to Get Rid of a Hot Tub in Philadelphia

Hot tub junk removal has never been easier. Main Line Junk is one of Philadelphia's top hot tub removal companies, and we'll show you how to remove a hot tub properly with a few simple steps. 
  1. Call Main Line Junk: Call our friendly customer service team for an estimate on how much to remove a hot tub based on the size of the spa and any other requirements.
  2. Schedule: After you get an estimate on the hot tub removal price, we will schedule an appointment that works for your schedule and give you a courtesy call when we're on the way!
  3. Demolition: On the agreed-upon date, our crew will arrive to perform the hot tub removal and demolition to break down the spa. We'll even cut it up if needed.
  4. Removal: Once the hot tub demolition is complete, our team will commence with the hot tub haul away and get rid of any unwanted components and debris.
  5. Cleanup: Finally, before we leave, our hot tub haulers will sweep and clean the space of debris so it looks spotless. 

Types of Hot Tubs We Accept

Main Line Junk is an experienced hot tub removal company, and we know exactly what to do with an old hot tub. Our team has the knowledge and professional tools to handle a wide variety of spas, including:
  • Portable hot tubs
  • In-ground hot tubs
  • Above-ground spas
  • Inflatable hot tubs
  • Swim spas
  • Rotomolded plastic shells
  • Fiberglass shells
  • Acrylic shells 
  • Wood hot tubs
Call us today if you need quick and efficient jacuzzi or hot tub disposal in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia Hot Tub Removal Cost

Now you understand the process, how much does it cost to remove a hot tub in Philadelphia? The exact hot tub disposal cost will vary depending on several factors. What type of spa is it, and how much does it weigh? When do you need the service? 

Do you require any other junk removal or light demolition services? Each of these factors will impact the overall spa removal cost. 

But no matter what your requirements are, you can expect the following:
  • The hot tub or jacuzzi removal cost will be upfront with no hidden fees
  • We'll gladly provide you with a no-obligation quote on the hot tub removal price 
  • Our hot tub removal pricing includes everything needed to complete the job in one affordable quote
  • Seniors get 10% off the cost of removing a hot tub
Trust Main Line Junk for the best hot tub disposal rates in Philadelphia. 

Call Main Line Junk for Hot Tub and Spa Removal in Philadelphia

So, when you need help removing a hot tub from a team of efficient experts, trust Main Line Junk. We will gladly take care of your old, broken, unwanted spa and assist with light demolition and cleanup services, as well. Call us today at 610-757-5272 for a no-obligation quote on the upfront hot tub removal cost!

Hot Tub Disposal FAQs

How Do You Get Rid of a Hot Tub? 

Getting rid of a hot tub can be challenging, but you have a few options. You could trade it into a dealer, sell it online, offer it up for free, or trust an expert hot tub removal company. However, finding a buyer can be challenging, and many charities do not accept old hot tubs. Trusting the professionals is usually the simplest option. 

Can You Take a Hot Tub to the Landfill? 

Some landfills in Philadelphia accept old or broken hot tubs, but you must call ahead and ask first. You may be charged a fee, and you will also be required to secure your own transportation to the landfill.

How Do I Disconnect a Hot Tub? 

First, disconnect the power supply by locating the breaker switch inside the circuit box and turning it off. Connect a hose to the drain valve to remove the water, and use a towel or wet-dry vac to remove any remaining moisture.


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