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Upgrading your old washer and dryer to save on energy costs? Or are you stuck with clunky machines that are broken, too expensive to repair, and taking up space? Getting rid of washers and dryers can be a chore, but Main Line Junk is here to help.

We offer eco-friendly washer and dryer removal in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Our team can haul away washers and dryers from your home or business and ensure they’re recycled to keep waste out of our landfills.

We serve residential and commercial customers in the Philadelphia area. Call us today for a free estimate!

Affordable Washer and Dryer Disposal in Philadelphia

Old washers and dryers aren’t just a waste of electricity; you may need to run clothes through more than one cycle just to get them clean enough or fully dry. Repairing an old washer and dryer can be cost-prohibitive, with repairs that are more than the appliances are even worth.

Of course, it isn’t always easy to get rid of old washer and dryer units. They’re heavy, large, and not accepted for curbside trash collection. You may not have the means to get a washer or dryer to your nearest sanitation convenience center.

Main Line Junk is ready to help with easy washer and dryer haul away service. We help residential and commercial customers with affordable washer and dryer pick up in Philadelphia. Here are just some scenarios we often encounter:
  • Replacing broken or old washers and dryers in common laundry facilities at apartment buildings, condos, and senior living facilities
  • Hauling away large commercial washers and dryers from laundromats
  • Residential dryer removal and washing machine disposal from homes, apartments, and condos
Our team will arrive on time and haul away your unwanted washer and dryer. We ensure your appliances are donated, if possible, or broken down and recycled. Main Line Junk offers a variety of other Philadelphia appliance removal services; we can remove any other unwanted appliances or household junk while we’re there!

How to Prepare for Washer and Dryer Removal Service

Before our crew arrives to haul away your washer and dryer, there are a couple of steps you need to take to get ready. Here’s what to do with old washer and dryer units ahead of your junk removal appointment.

Disconnect the washer and dryer

Your washer and dryer need to be disconnected and emptied before we can haul them away. Turn off the water to the washing machine and remove the hoses from the back. You can use these instructions on how to disconnect a washing machine if you need them.

The vent hose needs to be removed from the dryer, too. This is usually attached with a circular clamp. After disconnecting the dryer, use an old rag to plug the vent hole to avoid drafts in your home and an easy entrance for pests. You can tape the doors of the washer and dryer closed, but this isn’t required.

Point out what you want us to haul away

When your team arrives, you simply need to point out the washer or dryer you want us to haul away. We can remove your appliances from your home or we can do a curbside washer & dryer removal if you prefer.

How to Get Rid of a Washing Machine & Dryer in Philadelphia

#1. Quote

Call or request a free instant estimate for washer and dryer pickup. We’ll schedule a convenient appointment with same-day and next-day pickup available.

#2. Arrival

Appointments are in 2-hour blocks, but our team will give you a call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we can give you a firm quote and haul away your old washer and dryer on the spot.

#3. Removal

Our team will take care to load your washer or dryer and any debris into our truck. We’ll handle the heavy lifting and avoid any damage to your home.

#4. Cleanup

Before we leave, we sweep up and remove any debris to make sure your home is as clean as when we arrived.

Types of Washers & Dryers We Accept

Main Line Junk can pick up and haul away all types of washers and dryers, including gas and electric appliances and large commercial washers and dryers. Whether you need to get rid of one appliance or one dozen, we’re equipped to help with prompt, efficient service.
  • Front-load washers and dryers
  • Top-load agitator washers
  • Top-load impeller washers
  • Top load dryers
  • High-Efficiency (HE) washing machines
  • All-in-one washer dryer combos
  • Portable washing machines
  • Stackable washers and dryers
  • Electric washers and dryers
  • Gas washers and dryers
  • Commercial washers & dryers 

Easy, Eco-Friendly Washer and Dryer Recycling in Philadelphia

Main Line Junk is committed to keeping waste out of landfills and giving used appliances another chance at life. If your old washer or dryer is in good, working condition, we donate it so it can go to someone in need. We have relationships with nonprofits and charities throughout the Philadelphia area.

We recycle washer and dryer units that aren’t in good enough condition for donation. Our environmentally friendly Philadelphia dryer & washing machine recycling means up to 150 pounds of recyclable materials like steel are saved from the landfill.  

Philadelphia Washer and Dryer Removal Cost

With Main Line Junk, old washer and dryer removal isn’t just fast and easy – it’s also affordable. We can give you an estimate online or over the phone, but you will get a firm, free quote upon arrival. There are no hidden fees or hauling charges. If you agree to the price, we can pick up old washer and dryer units and haul them away on the spot.

We offer a 10% discount on washer disposal and dryer disposal for senior, with preferred pricing for property managers and other recurring or contract jobs.

Call us today to request your personalized washer and dryer disposal cost in Philadelphia!

Call Main Line Junk for Washer and Dryer Pickup in Philadelphia

Ready to say goodbye to your junk washing machine or dryer? Give Main Line Junk a call at (610) 757-5272 for fast and easy washer & dryer removal service in Philadelphia today. Our friendly team will help you schedule a convenient appointment and arrive on time!


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