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If you need scrap metal pickup in Philadelphia, look no further than Main Line Junk. Main Line Junk provides fast and affordable metal scrap pick up and recycling services for customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated team is here to efficiently pick up scrap metal and haul it away for you.

We understand the importance of affordability and convenience, and we offer a 10% discount for seniors and preferred pricing for property managers and recurring or contract jobs. With Main Line Junk, you can be sure that your scrap pickup needs will be met promptly, affordably, and sustainably.

Fast & Easy Scrap Metal Pickup in Philadelphia

Several scenarios prompt the need for scrap metal removal, ranging from home renovations to business operations. Homeowners undergoing renovations often find extra scrap metal cluttering their property, including old appliances, broken fixtures, and construction debris. 

Similarly, those looking to declutter their homes or businesses may accumulate scrap metal over time in the form of old water heater tanks, broken fitness equipment, or outdated tools. Main Line Junk offers scrap junk removal services to quickly clear out these unwanted items. 

Additionally, businesses like auto dealerships or manufacturing facilities often generate scrap metal as a byproduct of their operations. Main Line Junk facilitates metal salvage pick up, helping your company clear out scrap parts and providing more room for you to complete your business operations.

The process of getting rid of or recycling scrap metal can present several challenges. Many scrap metal recyclers have specific criteria and restrictions and will not allow you to dispose of certain items. Additionally, many residential scrap metal pick up companies require that you sort through your scrap metal before they arrive. This is a time-consuming process that puts you at risk for injury.

Main Line Junk offers the best local scrap metal pick up service in Philadelphia. Our team will haul anything away that isn’t hazardous, and we will do all of the sorting and recycling ourselves. Our crew will be careful and meticulous, ensuring that your home or business is not damaged during the metal scrap pick up process. After your scrap metal is loaded onto our truck, we will sweep up any debris that is left behind and ensure that your scrap is disposed of or recycled safely.

How to Get Rid of Scrap Metal in Philadelphia

How does Philadelphia scrap pickup work? Main Line Junk’s scrap metal pickup service could not be easier. Here's what you can expect when you use our metal recycling pick-up service.

#1. Quote

Call or request a free estimate from our Philadelphia scrap metal haulers. During this call, we will provide you with a quote and schedule a convenient pick up time.

#2. Arrival

15 to 30 minutes before our team arrives, we will call and give you a firm quote. Our scrap pick up service can then haul away your scrap on the spot.

#3. Removal

Next, our crew will carefully load your scrap metal and any debris onto our truck and handle the disposal. We will recycle scrap metal whenever possible.

#4. Cleanup

Our metal junk removal team will not leave without cleaning your space. We will clean up any debris before we depart, leaving you with a clean property.

Types of Scrap Metal We Accept

Main Line Junk offers the best scrap junk metal removal services in Philadelphia, and we are capable of hauling away all types of metal including aluminum, copper, iron, steel, brass, and more. Whether it’s metal construction debris like beams, fixtures, roofing, and wiring, or old cast iron skillets and junk appliances cluttering your space, we can handle it all. 

Additionally, we provide water heater pickup services for residential customers, commercial clients, and property managers, ensuring that no metal junk is left behind.

These are just a few of the items that our scrap metal hauling services will collect:

  • Aluminum & copper wiring
  • Corrugated metal roofing
  • Metal flashing
  • Steel & aluminum siding
  • Lawn edging
  • Steel & copper pipes
  • Cast iron cookware, auto parts, stoves & pipes
  • Wrought iron fencing
  • Water heater tanks & scrap appliances
  • Plumbing fixtures

Eco-Friendly Scrap Metal Recycling in Philadelphia

If you need to recycle scrap metal in Philadelphia, then look no further than Main Line Junk. Main Line Junk offers convenient and sustainable metal recycling pick up, and our team will handle all of the sorting, loading, and recycling for you. Hauling scrap metal in your vehicle is inefficient and could damage your vehicle, so let our team complete it for you. Our metal recycling pickup service will arrive on time, collect your items, and properly recycle your scrap.

Philadelphia Scrap Metal Pick Up Cost

How much does junk metal removal in Philadelphia cost? The final cost of your scrap pickup depends on a few factors. Typically, pricing is based on volume, so you will only pay for the space you take up in the truck. No matter what, the team at Main Line Junk will provide you with a fair and affordable estimate, and you will never pay extra for hauling or disposal. You can contact us at any time for a free quote.

Our team is proud to offer a 10% discount for seniors as well as discounted pricing for contractors or other recurring work.

Call Main Line Junk for Scrap Removal in Philadelphia

Main Line Junk is the best scrap metal pickup service in Philadelphia and is ready to handle all of your junk metal pickup needs. Give our team a call today at 610-757-5272 to get started with a free estimate.


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