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Shed demolition and removal may seem like no problem. But rotting and damaged sheds can be bulky and full of clutter and moisture, making shed removal in Philadelphia difficult and hazardous. That’s why Main Line Junk offers safe, affordable, and efficient shed disposal services. We serve all homeowners and businesses in the Philadelphia area, helping you keep your home and backyard clean for years to come. Here’s your guide to our Philadelphia shed removal company.

Shed Demolition and Removal in Philadelphia

You may need to order a shed removal service for several reasons. Your shed may be structurally unsound due to wear and tear, extreme weather, or damage from a tree, car, or piece of junk. Your shed may be old or unattractive, and you may need to remove or replace it with a low-maintenance, eco-friendly, or versatile shed. Some people order a shed tear down because they need to renovate their backyards or driveways. 

Tearing down a shed is difficult because it creates a lot of waste. Our team of trained and experienced professionals can perform a light demolition, tearing down your shed without the use of heavy machinery. We can remove all parts of your shed, including its roof, windows, and doors. If you’ve already tried a shed tear down and removal, we can haul away your waste and clean up your backyard. We can perform a backyard demolition almost everywhere, but we’ll perform an on-site inspection to make sure we can safely and efficiently remove your shed. We’ll give you a transparent, free, and personalized quote for a shed demolition in Philadelphia.

How to Remove a Shed in Philadelphia

#1. Call Main Line Junk

Call our Philadelphia shed removal experts for a no-obligation, on-site estimate. We’ll figure out the best and most efficient way to remove your shed and give you a free and accurate quote

#2. Schedule

We’ll schedule a convenient time to return for Philadelphia shed demolition and removal. We’ll call you to let you know we’re on the way!

#3. Demolition

We’ll handle light demolition and tear down your old garden shed from the ground up with the right shed removal tools. 

#4. Removal

Our experienced Philadelphia shed tear down team will carefully load and haul away all shed components, including damaged shingles, siding, windows, doors, and hardware. 

#5. Cleanup

Before our Philadelphia storage shed removal team leaves, we’ll clean up the area to remove nails, screws, and small debris

Types of Shed We Haul Away

Main Line Junk can perform any shed removal services you need, including removal of a broken down shed. We can also perform removal of other outdoor structures, including a carport removal. The sheds we haul away include: 
  • Old wooden sheds
  • Metal sheds
  • Plastic or vinyl sheds
  • Tool sheds
  • Garage sheds
  • Greenhouse sheds
  • Garden sheds
  • Carports, gazebos, pergolas, and other freestanding structures

Philadelphia Shed Removal Cost

How much does it cost to remove a shed? The shed demolition and removal cost in Philadelphia varies depending on a few factors. The main factor that influences the cost to tear down a shed is the size of the shed. You should expect to pay more for Philadelphia shed disposal if your shed is very large. The type and material of your shed can also influence your shed removal cost; bulky materials like metal and wood are more expensive to remove than wood. If your anchor is rooted in the ground or constructed with many difficult materials, your cost will also be high. 

No matter how big your shed is, you can expect a fair and affordable shed removal cost. Our shed demolition cost experts will give you a firm and upfront quote after an on-site inspection without hidden fees, with all expenses covered in one price. You won’t pay extra for shed disposal and hauling. We offer a 10% flat discount for seniors, including for Philadelphia yard demolition. 

Call Main Line Junk for Shed Removal Service in Philadelphia

You don’t have to perform shed demolition and removal by yourself. Main Line Junk offers professional, efficient, and affordable old shed removal services. We offer upfront and predictable pricing for demolition, removal, and disposal of a broken down shed. Each backyard demolition and old shed removal is performed by friendly and trained professionals. Get a free estimate by calling 610-757-5272

Shed Removal FAQs

Do I Need a Permit to Tear Down a Shed?

Most shed teardowns do not require a building permit or a zoning permit, but you may need to get a permit from the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections if your shed is very large. The location of your old metal shed can also affect your permit; you should use the Shed Permit FAQs sheet to see if you need one for a metal shed removal.

How Do I Get Rid of a Large Shed?

You can get rid of a large and old wooden shed by calling a team of shed removal and demolition experts. You can try shed demo and removal by yourself, but you risk injuring yourself or damaging your yard and home. 

How to Take Down a Shed

You can start the shed demo process by checking to see if you need a permit. You then need to gather tools, including a dumpster, to dispose of the shed materials. Perform a shed cleanout, then remove the windows and doors of your old garden shed. Remove the roofing materials and knock down the walls before demolishing the floor. 


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