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Looking for quick and easy trampoline removal in Philadelphia? Or maybe you have an old swing set you no longer need? Well, you're in luck. Main Line Junk can help you get rid of any unwanted trampolines, old swing set and other playground equipment. We offer fast and affordable junk removal services in the Philadelphia area.

Looking for hassle-free trampoline removal in Philadelphia? Our professional team offers swift and reliable services to remove trampolines from your property. We handle everything from dismantling to disposal, ensuring a seamless experience for you. Contact us today to schedule your trampoline removal and reclaim your space without any stress.

How to Get Rid of a Trampoline and Other Play Equipment

You may need trampoline disposal in Philadelphia for various reasons. Swings and trampolines can be fun when your kids are young, but over the years, they may get bored of playgrounds and want to move on to other things. 

Some playground equipment may only be suitable for certain ages or designed for toddlers and younger kids. When your children outgrow their trampolines and swing sets, you may want to donate or throw them out.

Perhaps you have a broken swing set or trampoline that presents a safety issue if children slip or fall. You may need to relocate or plan on renovating the home, but your playground equipment is no longer needed. Maybe you purchased a home with a swing set in the backyard, and you have no use for it, or there are other playgrounds nearby that are better designed and constructed. 

Maybe you manage an apartment building or condo association and must dispose of any shared swing sets or trampolines because you don't want to deal with the added liability.

At Main Line Junk, we offer a swing set and trampoline disassembly and disposal in Philadelphia. We'll come prepared with the necessary tools and take apart any unwanted playground equipment. 

We'll haul away any old or broken swing set or trampolines that may be a safety issue. Our crew will take great care during the swing and trampoline playset removal to prevent damage to your home. We can also take care of any leftover junk attached to the play sets or left over in the backyard.

Mainline Junk makes it simple to dismantle a trampoline or swingset so you can clear your yard of unused play equipment and find a better way to utilize the space. Contact us to learn how to take apart a trampoline the right way. 

How to Get Rid of a Trampoline and Other Play Equipment

Still want to know how to get rid of a trampoline? The process is actually quite simple. Here are the exact steps you can take to learn how to dispose of a trampoline from experienced professionals.
  1. Schedule: Call us to request old trampoline or swing set removal service, and we will provide you with a free instant estimate. We will then schedule a convenient time to take care of the swing set and trampoline pick up.
  2. On-site quote: When we arrive, we will determine what to do with the old playground equipment and provide you with an upfront quote on the playset removal cost.
  3. Removal: After that, we will begin disassembling the trampoline and playset and load them into the truck to haul away.
  4. Cleanup: After taking apart the trampoline, the crew will dispose of any leftover junk or debris.

Types of Play Equipment We Haul Away

Main Line Junk can haul away a wide range of different playground equipment in all conditions and sizes. So, if you need to know how to get rid of an old swing set, slide, saucer, pirate ship, or any other unwanted playset, we've got you covered.

Some of the playground equipment we typically handle include:
  • Trampolines
  • Plastic playsets
  • Slide and ladder
  • Standing swing sets
  • Jungle gyms
  • Climbing walls
  • Basketball hoops
  • Seesaws
  • Monkey bars
  • Dome climbers
Save time and energy trying to figure out how to disassemble a trampoline or swing set on your own and call Main Line Junk today!

Donate and Recycle with Main Line Junk

Old swingset and trampoline recycling is a great way to get rid of your unwanted junk and feel good about doing it. At Main Line Junk, we offer environmentally friendly recycling and donation of old playground sets. If you're wondering what to do with old playground equipment but don't want to harm the environment, this is the perfect solution. Rather than throwing it out, we'll recycle the trampoline or swing set and keep it out of the landfill. Equipment that is damaged or broken will be recycled whenever possible.

Trampoline and Playset Removal Cost in Philadelphia

You may want to know how much trampoline or swing set removal will cost in Philadelphia. Before you can get an accurate estimate, you'll want to consider a few factors related to the difficulty of the trampoline removal cost.

What needs removal, and how large is the equipment? How many crew members are needed to complete the project, and how long will it take?

Regardless of the circumstances, you can rest assured that the playset removal cost will be affordable and transparent.

When you work with Main Line Junk, the following is guaranteed:
  • You can get a free quote with no obligations
  • The estimate will factor in whether you need a trampoline or swingset removal service
  • Rates are based on how much space the junk occupies in the truck
  • Your quote will be upfront and affordable with no strings attached (hauling or disposal costs extra)
  • Seniors get a 10% discount
Call Main Line Junk today for a free quote on playground removal costs!

Call Main Line Junk for Playset and Trampoline Removal Service in Philadelphia

So, if you need fast and efficient trampoline removal in Philadelphia, contact us today. Our easy, efficient service will make getting rid of a trampoline or swing set simple and stress-free. Call (610) 757-5272 today for a free estimate on trampoline or swing set removal. 


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