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Are you located in the Philadelphia area and dealing with the hassle of disposing of old tires? Look no further than Main Line Junk for efficient and affordable tire disposal services. With Main Line Junk, saying goodbye to your unwanted tires has never been easier. Our team specializes in hauling away all types and sizes of tires, relieving you of the burden of handling this complicated task on your own. We will also ensure that all of the tires are disposed of properly, adhering to all regulations and environmental standards.

Our Tire Disposal Services in Philadelphia

There are many reasons why you may need to call a used tire pick up service in Philadelphia. Scrap tire removal is often necessary for individuals looking to get rid of old tires cluttering their garage or shed, either as a result of replacing worn-out tires on their vehicles or simply due to accumulation over time. 

Commercial tire disposal may also be necessary for business owners. Illegal dumping of tires on a property is not an uncommon problem, presenting not only an eyesore but also potential legal and environmental issues. These improperly discarded tires can lead to breeding grounds for pests as well as fire hazards if they block entrances or exits.

Additionally, tire disposal in Philadelphia is not as simple as just tossing old tires in the garbage. Both federal and state regulations, along with landfill bans, add another layer of complexity to the truck tire disposal process. Navigating these regulations and finding appropriate disposal methods can be time-consuming and costly, especially for businesses with large amounts of tires. This is where Main Line Junk comes in.

When it comes to tire disposal companies in Philadelphia, Main Line Junk is the best. Our expert crew can remove and haul away all types and sizes of tires, whether it’s one tire or an entire pile. Our team will be careful to avoid any damage to your property, and we will make sure we leave your property clean and tidy after the removal process. Additionally, we can haul away unwanted wheels, rims, or other junk during the process.

Main Line Junk is also dedicated to eco-friendly practices, and we will ensure that all of the tires are disposed of safely and recycled whenever possible. 

How to Get Rid of Tires in Philadelphia

How does junk tire removal in Philadelphia work? Here’s a quick overview of the tire disposal process.

#1. Estimate

Give us a call at any time to request a free estimate for our tire disposal service.

#2. Arrival

Our tire disposal company will give you a call and provide you with a firm quote 15-30 minutes before our arrival. We can haul away your tires on the spot!

#3. Removal

After we arrive, we will load your unwanted tires onto our truck and handle proper disposal. We can also clear out any other unwanted junk at this time.

#4. Cleanup

Before we head out, we will clean up any debris, leaving you with a clean space.

Types of Tires & Accessories We Accept

Main Line Junk’s tire disposal service goes beyond just tires- we can also haul away all types of accessories and automotive parts. Whether it’s car tires, truck tires, bicycle tires, or even tractor tires, we’ve got you covered. Our team is dedicated to providing customers with a comprehensive solution for all tire pick up needs.

These are just a few items our tire removal service can get rid of:
  • Car tires
  • Truck tires
  • Bicycle tires
  • Motorcycle tires
  • Tractor tires
  • Wheels
  • Rims
  • Jacks and stands
  • Automotive tools and equipment.

Eco-Friendly Used Tire Pick Up Service - Tire Recycling in Philadelphia

Main Line Junk ensures proper disposal of tires, which is crucial for environmental safety. Truck tire disposal is handled meticulously as tires contain non-biodegradable, flammable materials that are hazardous if dumped in landfills. Recycling offers a sustainable solution, allowing tires to be upcycled or repurposed. The fabric, wires, steel, and rubber are separated and go through their own recycling process. With our tire disposal services, Main Line Junk contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Cost of Tire Disposal in PA

How much does tire disposal in Philadelphia cost? The final cost of a tire removal service depends on several factors. Here at Main Line Junk, our pricing is generally based on volume, meaning that you only pay for the space you use in the truck. We are dedicated to providing you with an upfront, fair, and affordable price, and you will never pay extra for hauling or disposal. Additionally, we provide a 10% discount for senior citizens. It is also important to expect a $50 to $75 surcharge per tire included in the cost to cover proper disposal.

Feel free to contact us at any time for a free, no-obligation tire removal quote.

Call Main Line Junk for Tire Removal Service in Philadelphia

If you are in need of tire disposal in Philadelphia, then look no further than Main Line Junk. Main Line Junk is the best junk tire removal service around, and we will ensure that your junk is properly collected and disposed of. Contact our team today at 610-757-5272 to get started with a free estimate.


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