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Curious about how to responsibly discard your unused television? Main Line Junk offers TV removal in Philadelphia and is here to help you dispose of TVs of all sizes and types. Whether you’re looking to dispose of a CRT or flat-screen TV in the Philadelphia area, our local experts will skillfully remove it from your home or office and transport it for environmentally friendly disposal. Old TV pickup has never been easier with Main Line Junk.

Affordable Old TV Disposal In Philadelphia

There are several situations where individuals or businesses may find themselves in need of a TV disposal and pickup service. One common scenario involves the need to get rid of old TV sets to clear space in basements or garages, where old and unused TVs tend to accumulate over time. Another reason for television disposal in Philadelphia is the need or want for a newer TV model with improved picture quality, smart features, or larger screens. We will take away your old big screen TV to make way for the new one. 

If you are purchasing a new television because your old one is broken, then we will efficiently handle the broken TV disposal to ensure that it is recycled properly to prevent environmental harm from hazardous materials. Property owners or tenants may also encounter the challenge of dealing with abandoned TVs left by former occupants, requiring professional flat screen TV disposal to remove this unwanted technology efficiently.

Removing old TVs from your home presents challenges due to their considerable weight, especially in the case of older tube TVs and rear-projection models. Transporting these bulky devices to drop-off centers can be incredibly challenging, and not everyone has access to suitable vehicles to do so. Additionally, curbside trash collection is typically not an option for old TVs, and municipal e-waste recycling events may be infrequent and inconveniently scheduled, which can leave individuals struggling to find timely solutions for TV disposal.

In light of these challenges, a dedicated TV pickup and disposal service becomes a practical solution. Main Line Junk can remove and haul away televisions in any condition. We can handle everything from projection TV disposal to old tube TV disposal. Our crew is expertly trained to remove your television from your home or business while avoiding damage to your flooring, cabinets, and door jambs. After the old TV is loaded on our truck, we will sweep up any debris that is left behind. Our team will ensure that functioning TVs in good condition are donated and non-working TVs are properly recycled.

How To Get Rid Of An Old TV In Philadelphia

#1. Quote

Reach out to us to receive a free instant estimate for television removal in Philadelphia and arrange a convenient time for TV pick-up.

#2. Arrival

About 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive, we will give you a call. We can then give you a firm quote on the spot and haul away your TV immediately.

#3. Removal

Our experienced crew will carefully place your television onto our truck. We will also haul away any debris and handle the disposal process.

#4. Cleanup

Upon departure, our team will tidy up any debris, ensuring you are left with a pristine and orderly property.

Types Of Televisions We Accept

Main Line Junk specializes in hauling away a diverse range of televisions and monitors, encompassing old tube TVs, flat screens, and even portable black-and-white TVs. Whether your TV is in working condition or broken, our old TV pickup service ensures responsible handling by facilitating donations or recycling, contributing to environmentally conscious practices.

We are proud to offer the following Philadelphia TV disposal pick-up services.
  • Rear-projection TV removal
  • CRT TV removal
  • LCD TV removal
  • LED and OLED TV removal
  • Plasma TV removal
  • HD and UHD TV removal
  • Smart TV removal
  • Big screen TV disposal
  • Flat screen TV removal
  • Portable TV removal
  • Computer monitors & displays

Eco-Friendly TV Recycling In Philadelphia

Main Line Junk is committed to environmentally friendly TV recycling pickup and actively contributes to waste reduction by facilitating the donation of televisions in good working condition. To prevent harm to the environment, damaged, non-functional, or very old television sets are directed to recycling centers. Improper disposal of old TVs is not only illegal but also poses environmental risks due to the potential leaching of hazardous chemicals, especially with older CRT TVs. This activity is prohibited under Pennsylvania’s Covered Device Recycling Act, which requires consumers and businesses to properly recycle covered devices like televisions. 

Because of this, it is necessary to recycle old television sets. The legislation also mandates manufacturers and retailers to establish recycling programs for covered devices. Other types of covered devices include desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, tablets, and e-readers.

However, preparing to recycle an old TV is more challenging than it may seem due to time constraints or the inability to access drop-off locations. When you trust Main Line Junk with your old TV recycling in Philadelphia, you can rest assured that your television will be either donated or responsibly disposed of, aligning with legal and environmentally friendly practices.

Philadelphia TV Removal Cost

How much does it cost to dispose of old TV sets in Philadelphia? You can discover the ease and affordability of TV haul away with Main Line Junk. We offer a no-obligation, free quote for the removal of your old TV and other clutter. Our pricing is completely transparent and is based on volume, so you will only pay for the space that your items occupy in the truck. Rest assured, the upfront, fair, and affordable price includes both hauling and disposal services, without any hidden fees.

At Main Line Junk, we greatly appreciate our seniors, and to express our gratitude, we offer a 10% discount for them. Please note that our all-inclusive pricing includes a $25 surcharge per TV, ensuring the legal and proper disposal of e-waste in compliance with state and federal regulations. Experience hassle-free and cost-effective TV removal with Main Line Junk!

Call Main Line Junk For TV Removal in Philadelphia

Do you need to dispose of an old TV in the Philadelphia area? Call Main Line Junk today for the best TV removal and recycling services in Philadelphia. Enjoy a free quote, transparent pricing based on volume, and the added benefit of a 10% discount for seniors. 

Property managers and those seeking recurring or contract services can also take advantage of preferred pricing. Book your old TV removal online or give us a call at (610) 757-5272 to get started on a quick, easy, and eco-friendly solution for your outdated electronics.

Where To Take Old TVs: Philadelphia E-Waste Drop Off Locations

If you are seeking information on getting rid of old television sets in Philadelphia, then you will find many sustainable options. The Philadelphia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) offers valuable resources on local electronic recycling programs, drop-off locations, and county electronic recycling centers. Visit their official website to find out where to recycle old television sets and explore ongoing programs or special events in your area. 

For Philadelphia residents looking to dispose of a TV, the Sanitation Convenience Centers across the city provide a convenient solution. These centers, open Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM, offer free drop-off services exclusively for Philadelphia residents. 

Philadelphia Sanitation Convenience Center Locations (Television Recycling Drop Off)
  • Northeast Philadelphia @ 8401 State Rd, (215) 685-8072
  • Northwest Philadelphia @ 320 Domino Ln, (215) 685-2502
  • Port Richmond @ (215) 685-2502, (215) 685-1358
  • Southwest Philadelphia @ 3033 S 63rd St, (215) 685-4290
  • Strawberry Mansion @ 2601 W Glenwood Ave, (215) 685-3955
  • West Philadelphia @ 5100 Grays Ave, (215) 685-2600
You can contact any of these locations to learn more about how to get rid of a TV in Philadelphia.


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